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& # 039; Full Steam Ahead & # 039; for Segwit2x, the developer Jeff Garzik says

Segwit2x goes ahead as planned, according to its lead developer.

Revealed yesterday in an e-mail posted on the project's mailing list, Bloq co-founder and CEO, Jeff Garzik, said that he was expecting the expected hard range for the network be 2 megabytes (MB). place somewhere in the middle of next month.

Long overdue, the news may not be a surprise. Despite the negative feedback on the project, the people involved have long stressed that they believe they have the support to apply the change to the rules of the bitcoin network.

Garzik wrote:

"To assert the obvious, everything is still in full swing for segwit2x upgrade in mid-November."

As mentioned earlier by CoinDesk, Segwit2x is a scaling solution supported by a number of industry companies as well as a segment of the mining sector. Supporters claim that this effort will increase the flow of transactions, relying on the introduction of SegWit in August.

Although supported by some well-known startups, the initiative itself is controversial in part because it could lead to two competing variants of the bitcoin blockchain, each being governed by different teams of developers. This has sparked disagreement over which network share will be "bitcoin" (as opposed to another name or ticker) in the wake of the range.

Drama ensues

Yet even this simple update was not without drama.

The post-status report in August details how SegWit2x will work on a dated version of the Bitcoin Core software. Garzik wrote that this decision stems from "instability and bugs" in more recent versions, and he quickly moved to stir up the flames of debate.

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By targeting the project's open-source developer group, he said, "Core's bugs are not ours."

Elaborating on Twitter, Garzik said that he became aware of the bugs by following "the flood of bug reports and fixes" on the Github of Cryptocurrency.

Statements have sparked controversy across social media, many of them highlighting what appears to be an absence of such problems in the software.

Disclaimer: CoinDesk is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which acted as organizer of the SegWit2x proposal and holds a stake in Bloq.

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