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1 out of 5 businesses will discontinue its mobile application by 2019

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Companies, large and small, often struggle to find a useful goal for their mobile applications.

This is particularly frustrating because developing and updating an application for it to remain at least somewhat functional requires more than a nominal investment.

Well, it seems like companies are finally realizing this and many will abandon their apps in the next year or two. According to new data from Gartner, 20% of companies will abandon their mobile application by 2019.

Why companies will abandon their mobile application

And the reasoning is pretty simple: they are just not worth the investment. There is not only the initial cost of developing a mobile application. You have to update it, solve customer problems, and then promote it to customers in the hope that they download it


There is more data to show that they will not be, despite all your efforts. And even if they do, getting customers to use it requires more skill and, often, leaning back to make it worth the effort of the customer.

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Rather than investing in a mobile application, Gartner finds that more and more companies will invest and continue to invest in automated customer service and chat applications to stay in business. contact with their customers.

"As more and more customers use digital channels, VCAs are set up to handle customers' requests for websites, mobile apps, messaging apps, and social networks," he said. Vice President Gartner Gene Alvarez. "This is supported by improvements in natural language processing, machine learning and matching capabilities of intent."

Gartner also found that 84% of the companies surveyed plan to invest in improving their customer experience in the coming year. One of the main ways to do this is to add virtual customer assistants. Some companies have told Gartner since implementing a VCA, that they have reduced by 70% the time and resources spent on answering customers' questions.

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