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10 tips to prevent burglaries in your small business

There were 1.7 million burglaries in the United States just in 2014, according to Streamline Telecom Inc. Small businesses are four times more likely to be victimized than homes. Here are 10 tips to prevent burglaries in your small business.

Ways to Prevent Burglaries in Your Small Business

Place a Strategic Inventory

Items that might be tempting to burglars should be placed out of danger. For example, taking sunglasses out the window at the front of a retail store works. A display placed on the ticket counter is a much better idea.

Sean Nolan is the founder and chief operating officer of Streamline Telecom Inc. He says that a little planning helps prevent burglaries.

"An organized store helps discourage this kind of theft," he says.

At least taking high-risk items in shop windows at night reduces the risk.

Evaluate your shop window

Nolan insists that it is one of the most vulnerable access points of your small businesses. You should have an effective alarm system for beginners. Security cameras covering multiple angles are also needed.

"You can also consider displaying the operation identification sticker on your shop window, so that thieves know you have a security system in place," he says. he.

Beef your glass

A determined thief can usually find his way in your store. However, that does not mean you can not do things to slow them down. Replacing the traditional glass with a temperate variety makes crushing and taking a lot harder. Laminated glass is also an excellent choice.

Any type of armored glass breaks only after several strikes, which causes a lot of noise and attracts attention.

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Using bars and bolts

It is not always necessary to do high tech. Putting bars on the windows at the back of your store discourages burglars. Having double cylinder deadbolts that need keys on either side discourages potential criminals from hiding inside and waiting for your store to close.

Positioning Chests Near the Front

Small business owners might think that it's best to put the safe in private. In fact, it is best to move them to the front where any suspicious activity can be seen from the street.

Tying them to the ground helps to deter burglars who may be cluttering your store. Leave as little money as possible inside once you have closed for the night.

Light the Outside

Many small business owners keep inside their well-lit stores to avoid burglaries at night. However, there is another angle to prevent crime.

"By keeping the parking lot and the outside well-lit, your cameras will be able to capture thieves and their license plate numbers," Nolan explains.

Keep the manicured outdoors

If you keep the lawns and driveways around your business clean and tidy, you'll discourage criminals encircling the area. The well maintained properties tell them that someone is still there.

Reducing hedges and trees that darken windows is another good idea, so there's no room for a potential thief to hide.

Establishing Good Lines of View

Although it may seem counterintuitive, leaving cash registers and computers in plain view allows police to watch them when they patrol the night. Leaving the cash register drawers open after you have closed for the night deters burglars.

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Obtain Security Cameras

Security experts will tell you that the acquisition of cameras for your property has a dual purpose. Not only do they act as a deterrent, but they also provide a record if your place is robbed.

Nolan says that they're not only useful as tools after hours.

"These cameras are also active during opening hours, so you have a record of all the activities of employees and customers."

Getting help from an expert

There is a lot to think about when you try to prevent burglaries in your small business. Getting expert advice can help you find the right combinations.

For example, getting the right combination of alarms and cameras can be difficult without professional advice. The Electronic Security Association can direct you to a chapter near your small business.

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