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10 Ways to break your Social Media Addiction

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In this modern world, social media has become very common and convenient for everyone all around the world. It can intensify people’s life by letting them connect with people all across the globe. It has many such benefits like it connects far distant people easily, you can share happy moments of your life with other by just a click, you can also get in touch with those whom you haven’t talked in a while.

Some of these are the benefits of it no one can deny from. But if not handled properly this social media can become a severe addiction for most of you which in return can devour a lot of your precious time and can influence your healthiness, work and relations with others. Having a huge addiction of it is not your fault, these such programmers are designed in such a way that they seek attention and people open up them frequently with the same excitement every hour they use.

But when you understand this, it is just a technology which is designed to make you a prisoner of it then you yourself gets power on your brain that you can maximize your hour to break this craving. So here are some of the ways shown below which will tell you how you can break social media addition on your own and live a healthy lifestyle

1-    Find the Reason for Your Addiction

The first step in breaking social media addiction starts with questioning yourself. Because it all starts with yourself and only you are responsible for it. Ask yourself the reason why you are addicted to this social media so much. Why you prefer to open Twitter, Facebook or Instagram as your first priority? Most of you will answer ‘just for scrolling’, there’s no reason for this. Ask yourself why is it so? Are you so much frustrated from the outside world, stressed or things aren’t working in your favor? There can be many such reasons to do this so. All you have to do is find out your objective in life and hard for it so you can be able to spend less time on social media.

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2-    Kill the Notification

The second step, which can help you break social media addiction, is by killing or turning off your notifications. This may sound difficult or wired but can really help you a lot from disconnecting yourself from social media. For this purpose, you can use one of the best self-control apps for mac. These apps allow you to block the distracting apps temporarily.

Blocking these distracting apps temporarily will allow you to concentrate on what you are doing. Allow you to be focused and make your work more productive and will provide the best outcome. It will be a little bit tough at the start but some time you will get used to it.

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3-    Use Your Personal Computer

Another hack you can use to avoid social media is by using it on your computer. If you using apps which you use more like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or your computer instead of your mobile phone then you can also be able to avoid social media addiction. It may sound difficult in the start but it will work later. Some of the apps cannot support the desktop so you can try to use them less even on your phones as well or if they still bother you then deleting them is the best option.

4-    Limit to a Specific Sime of the Day

Limiting your time on social media is another effective way, which you can use to avoid social media addiction. Choose a specific time of the day or select specific hour or two to surf on social media. By doing this you can avoid social media interaction and this may not interrupt you during your work hours. You can choose a time depending on your cravings to use social media. If you limit yourself then there are high chances for you to be active, productive and motivated the whole day.

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5-    Adopt a New Activity

Besides spending your time on social media, you can find some activity for yourself, which can please you and most importantly satisfies you truly. If you find something interesting for yourself outside the social media then there will be high chances for you that you can easily overcome social media and furthermore in a short span of time did not feel any need to be craved for it so much.

6-    Try to Engage More with Friends and Family

Spending time with the people, you love and feel happy to be around them, can also be another reason you can avoid social media addiction easily. These people may include your friends, family or loved ones. If someone makes you forget about your phone then such a person is worth keeping in life. Try to spend more time with such people so you would spend less time on social media and do not overthink so much.

7-    Socialize in Real Life

Try to experience persons in reality as compared to on social platform. If you contact with people directly then your faith will increase up and you will not get in touch with people so much online. This way you can easily avoid social media addiction.

8-    Go on a Holiday

It’s better to expend some phase of your life going on a holiday rather than spending it on social media. It is advised to take with you a friend or special someone to make this trip lovelier. While you are on a holiday, you will use social media less and choose to spend your ideal time with the person enjoying the place.

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9-    Make it a Real Delight

One more method to stay away from social media interaction so much is by using it the way you recompense yourself. Think of taking a pedicure or nail art after working a long hectic day, the same recompense you can apply to your social media a victory or achievement of something. This way you can avoid social media craving as well.

10- Find Alternative Ways besides Social Media  

Another method you can do to avoid social network is by finding a temporary hobby or alternative which will make you neglecting your social media accounts. Do so you can easily do away with its more use and pass most of the hours of your day doing things you love.


This article tells you the ways which you can use to avoid social network craving. There are a lot of methods which you can adopt so you can pass less of your hours scrolling your social networks feed. Furthermore, this post has highlighted tons of other activities which you can adopt besides social media so you will feel productive whole day long.