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11 Types of Difficult Customers and Ideas for Handling Them (INFOGRAPHIC)

An essential part of running a successful business is managing customers. If customers are served properly and they leave your business premises happy and satisfied, your business can grow and continue to succeed. However, if customers are upset about it, it can really hurt your business and your bottom line.

You probably already know this and have policies in place to ensure the highest standards of customer service in your business. But some customers can be difficult to manage. Some customers will be rude to you or your employees. Others will argue and require that they be served in a certain way. Some may even be downright disrespectful and abusive. Whatever the case may be, you must remain calm and handle difficult clients in a professional manner that protects your business and your brand image.

So, how do you manage your difficult customers and protect your company's reputation?

How to deal with difficult customers

According to the online finance company for small business, Fundera, you can prepare and navigate any situation that comes from your business with the appropriate strategies and tactics.

"Identifying the type of client you are dealing with is the first step in successfully managing the incident," writes Meredith Wood, editor at Fundera, in an article on the company's official blog. .

The New York-based online lending company lists some common types of difficult customers that a small business owner can meet and offers practical tips for managing them successfully.

1. Undecided customer

This type of client may not seem to make a decision no matter how many questions he poses. The thing to do here is to recognize the indecision. Avoid being aggressive, says Fundera. Instead, help the client make a decision by offering facts and possible solutions for their needs.

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2. Highly Critical Client

Critical customers can be a huge challenge. They seem to know everything and are very critical of your suggestions. Be patient and attentive, advises Fundera. Do not take anything personally. Use statements of clarification, weaving new information and ideas about the product they are critical of.

3. Aggressive Customer

Now, this type of client is angry and feels that their needs should be prioritized over others. Stay calm and do not argue with them. Avoid responding to their explosions or arguments in a restless or emotional manner. Instead, show that you understand. Then look for alternatives and propose other solutions.

More tips on how to treat difficult customers

Check out other tricks to handle other types of challenging customers and provide each time a superior customer service in the insightful infographic created by Fundera and shared below.

Remember that getting a correct customer service the first time can give you an edge over your competitors and generate more profits for your business.

Image: Fundera