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12 augmented reality applications of merchants

Augmented Reality is a live view of a real-world environment enhanced by a computer-generated image. Pokémon Go is an example.

Augmented reality has recently seen a wave of new applications, mainly due to Apple's release of the ARKit augmented reality framework for iOS. Applications can now detect the position, topology and facial expression of the user, with great precision and in real time, which facilitates the application of live selfie effects or the use of facial expressions to pilot a three-dimensional character.

Here is a list of innovative augmented reality applications from merchants and brands to help consumers discover products in a whole new way. There are applications for storing furniture, sampling colors, deciding what to eat, playing games, and more.

Target: "See it in your space"

Target target" See it in your space "

Target has launched a new augmented reality feature on its mobile website "See in your space". Customers purchasing the new Project 62 line can use this feature to place three-dimensional versions of Target products on real-world photos. and move the products to the appropriate scale to see what they would look like – before you buy.

See yourself in your space is Target's latest experience with augmented reality. Last spring, launched 360-degree shopping, which is a virtual salon designed to help customers view items of size and scale and provide style advice. See in your space is currently available to use for Project 62's 200 products.

Place IKEA

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IKEA Place allows you to virtually insert IKEA products into your space. The application includes 3D and scale models of sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and more. Browse an empty section of a floor, look for the list of available products and select one, then position the product. Select other products and add them to your room to create a new place. The app also allows you to share your place with social apps, such as WhatsApp or Instagram, and order your products through the IKEA store.

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Sephora: virtual artist

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Makeup makeup artist Sephora now has a virtual artist to offer clients an augmented reality makeover, to instantly try eye, lip and cheek make-up, to inspire and try out expert-created looks from Sephora. Buyers can learn new techniques step by step with personalized tutorials to their own face. They can take a photo to find a shade matching any outfit, accessory or celebrity look.

Wayfair: WayfairView

With WayfairView, buyers can move and rotate products to experiment with different layouts and visualize them from multiple angles. They can also save and share photos and seamlessly connect to the Wayfair purchase application in Google Play to make a purchase. WayfairView is available for download on Google Play.


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TapPainter allows you to visualize interior spaces in new colors according to natural lighting conditions. It analyzes the change of the interior lighting, preserves it and adjusts the brightness of the colors according to the lighting of the room in the picture. Buyers can access the color fan plates of all paint brands loaded in the application.


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Chairish is a home decoration market for design enthusiasts to buy and sell furniture and chic vintage décor. Buyers can use the "Show in your space" feature to preview items in their own home using their phone's camera. Buyers can then take a photo and easily share it with their friends, family or designers for feedback.


 Housecraft "width =" 282 "height =" 500 "/> 

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Housecraft is an augmented reality app for testing virtual furniture in your home. Housecraft uses your device's camera and the power of augmented reality to allow you to place fully rendered 3D models. Feel exactly how big objects are and how they will adapt. Save room configurations and try them anywhere. For furniture companies, Housecraft has customization tools, to add branded 3D models directly to Housecraft.

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<p class= Amikasa

The winner of the Webby Amikasa award helps consumers design the interior of their dreams. Consumers can recreate and style their room using furniture and decorations of real brands. Then they can use augmented reality to see how the furniture looks in the room before buying. International brands and individuals with a single product can add their items to Amikasa with direct links to their online store.


Kabaq allows consumers to see realistic virtual 3D foods on their table in restaurants or buy food online. Customers using Kabaq can discover an interactive 360 ​​° view of each dish. Restaurants can allow guests to see all menu items through smart devices, which increases commitment. Customers can view portion sizes, view ingredients and receive free food.


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Quiver takes 3D augmented reality to the next level. Simply print any coloring page from Quiver's site or application. Each colorful page comes to life in its unique and colorful way. Interact and play games with animated characters by touching the screen. See animation from any angle.

My very hungry Caterpillar AR

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<p class= My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR

My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR is designed for preschoolers and fans of the author Eric Carle. With this augmented reality app, the caterpillar of the popular children's book is animated. Chop it from an egg and feed it with tasty fruit. As he eats more, he grows up, until he turns into a beautiful butterfly and flies into the sky. The application offers a wide range of interactive activities and discoveries to develop rewarding skills and encourage the love of nature.

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The Meeting of the Living Dead

Engaging walkers in the real world with The Walking Dead Encounter, the official augmented reality experience of the AMC television series, available for iOS and Android.