12 Unspoken rules for creating catchy trade names

A name that sticks is a name that will win. With so much competition in almost every industry, it is difficult for companies to come to be recognized. Naming is a way to do this because eye-catching company name is unique and memorable for your customers.

Finding such a name will require a lot of brainstorming, research and perhaps even professional help. In the end, the gain will be much higher than expected. Whatever the type of business, this step will get you started strong and develop your branding strategy from there. The name is the basic block, if you will, of any company's branding strategy.

Here are 12 principles that will help you to create a catchy and irresistible company name:

Your own name can not be quite catchy

Choosing our own name for the company is the easiest way to find the name of your brand. And there is nothing wrong with that because there are many businesses, some extremely large and prosperous, that bear the name of their owner or even someone else. . However, the question arises here is it quite catchy? Unless your name is Lady Gaga or PweDiePie or something like that, your business might have a hard time getting recognized.

This type of name would give her a personal touch that could work well for a company with emotional connections such as a bakery or matchmaker. However, for other types of startup, this would not be an appealing and memorable title.

Study your potential customers

Does your target audience and clientele need a catchy name? Or, if it is, the names you brainstorm sound with them. Doing the right analysis of the characters associated with your business is crucial to finding an attractive name.

You should know their sex, age group, demographics, etc., to find some names and adjectives associated with them. These can provide you with a lot of play in terms of choosing names for your business.

List of qualities or values ​​and uses a thesaurus

Think about the quality of the products or services your business will have and the values ​​behind your business. These can help you find a way to this perfectly catchy name. A great way to do this is to list these qualities and look for synonyms for these words. You may encounter a rather less used synonym that also looks very nice. For example, if your business is a cosmetic business, you can use words like "lustrous". or 'glittering & # 39; to represent gloss.

Adjective-Name Combo is intelligent

If you want a more catchy title, an adjective and a name combination name would work best. These names are easy to understand and market the quality and nature of your brand directly into the name. Think of names like American Eagle, Forever 21 and Lonely Planet. These are made of very simple adjectives and nouns but seem very powerful and one can immediately guess what they are talking about.

A great way to find unique brand names containing adjectives is to put these words into a free enterprise name generation tool like Namobot. It will give you hundreds of names to choose from instantly. Finding a catchy name can inevitably take a long time. This tool will help you find a unique and extremely attractive name for your new startup.

Gerund's verbs are simple but amusing

Verbs ending in -ing which are treated as nouns like playing while singing while eating etc. These can be good for a business name as they describe what you do and what you are through in one word. It can be very fun if you can find the best defined gerund for your business idea. For example, a wedding planner with a name Ringing Bells seems very simple but attractive.

New compound words

You can form a new word yourself by combining two words. Many large companies around the world have already done so. Look at Microsoft, KitchenAid or Red Sox. Sometimes part of the word can be replaced by another entirely different word because they have similar sounds. This type of combo is downright smart, cool and the best way to show off your eccentricity. For example, a coat designer might make their business name a little awesome using the word-code as BarCoat . It gets even better if both words are related to your business.

Wit is a genius

Often, a spiritual or ironic name takes the cake and is doing very well with the customers. Everyone loves a little humor and if you have it in your label, it attracts people and they want to know more about your business.

This type of name is the most difficult to understand and the most risky to adopt. There could be different repercussions if there is even a small hint of taunting or insulting a person, group or industry. As long as it does not impose any unnecessary risk on your business, a spiritual name is always welcome. How does a shake distinguish himself by a name His "Get the Froth Out" ? Pretty cool, right! Check out some hilarious brand names.

Alliteration and Assonance Can Make Your Business Eye-catching

Do you pay attention to how the name of the company sounds? You should if you do not do it because some of the psychology behind making a memorable name rests on its sound. There is a practice called Alliteration that follows the repetition of the initial sounds, for example "Kiki's Coffee". If the name has the same starting alphabets, it becomes even better like "Shirley Shirts."

Assonance is very similar to alliteration which basically means representing vowel sounds in words. The name would be composed of words that have rhyming vowels, for example "19459011" Green Breeze . & # 39; It also helps the name become common and easy to remember.

Nothing cuts it like poetry

One of the most effective principles for making everything sounds sweet and attractive is rhyming . You can find words that rhyme with your business and make them poetic. Titles rhyme so much that they are easy to remember and stick to a person's head when they hear them for the first time. There is a plethora of companies with such names that are extremely popular.

The key is to find an adjective that rhymes with the name of your company. This is the best recipe for achieving instant success in terms of commercial titles. Think of names like Snack Attack, Shake Shack, Dixie Chicks. It's fun, gets the message across and is hard to forget, especially when it's combined with an equally fun logo.

The fantastic names are cool

Your imagination will help you a lot when developing an alluring business name. Whatever your fantasy, be it a superhero or a scientific phenomenon, you can use it for startup. However, it must also be relevant and preferably sufficiently appropriate for the potential customer. If you are obsessed with the solar system, you can name your business based on any planet or even poor Pluto. Are you a fan of any fictional character? Would that go well with your business and at the same time sound incredible?

Foreign words that are common

A good way to make a strong and memorable first impression is to have a foreign name. It works well for those who have a very common activity like food, clothing, construction or web development. However, it is a very delicate area because you have to pay attention to the popularity of the word. Black seems much more familiar than Schwarz and they both mean black in French and German respectively. Make sure your name does not just steal the heads of your potential customers.

Never forget to check if the name was filed under the brand name

While creating a catchy title is a serious work of mind, but what is just as important is to make sure your name is yours only. You have to search a good search engine to see if a similar survey company exists. Here's how you can do it in the United States. If there is one already, unfortunately, you will have to find a new one. Once you are sure the name is unique and intact, have it patented for your business.


These tips or principles can help you tremendously to create the most appealing name. The essential thing is to stand out even if your business idea is a pioneer, people will hear your name first and then what you do. You can brainstorm names, ask for help from friends, or use a name generator. Whatever you do, do not forget to apply these principles in order to find the most eye-catching name possible for your business.

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