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15 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them

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15 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them

Your expensive iPhone may be the best gadget you have, but some people say it does not come without glitches. Problems with the iPhone are not uncommon. You can easily find an iPhone user in the neighbourhood who is experiencing some problems with their iPhone devices. So, it is quite important that every iPhone user should know about some common problems. So that they can fix them immediately and keep their iPhones saved from any disaster. 

The article aims to provide a detailed information regarding the 15 common iPhone problems that you may encounter once in a lifetime when using an iPhone. Let’s consider them!

  • The iPhone Battery Drains Out

Just imagine talking to someone on the phone or waiting for an important text message or call, and then your iPhone’s battery suddenly runs out. It would definitely be a moment of anger and worry. However, the good news is that you can repair or replace the iPhone battery if it has some issue. 

How to Fix it: If your iPhone is loaded with too many apps then you should remove or disable those that you don’t need or use. It will save your battery life. 

  • The iPhone Gets Hot

If you experience calling over the phone and feeling the heat building up right on your ears, it can be another battery or app issue. 

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How to fix it: Let’s have a look at some remedies to fix this problem!

Check whether you have too many apps on your iPhone. If so, try to remove those that you don’t use. If this remedy does not resolve the problem then it would be a battery issue so you should go to an expert repairer to fix it.  

  • The iPhone Screen Has A Blue Tint

If the screen of your iPhone automatically turns into blue screen after displaying the Apple logo, don’t panic. You can fix this problem on your own.

How to Fix it: Follow these simple steps to solve this issue: 

  • Plug in your iPhone to a computer and open iTunes
  • Once it gets connected, reboot the device by holding down the Home and Power buttons at the same time. The Apple logo should get appeared but continue holding until the Recovery screen shows up. 

If this trick does not work then you must approach a reputable mobile phone repair shop to fix it. 

  • Fail to Connect to the Wi-Fi
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It is another common problem that you may encounter while using an iPhone. If you are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi, you should try the following tricks.  

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How to Fix: 

Restart your iPhone by holding down the Sleep/ Wake button and the home button simultaneously, until the Apple logo appears. If the problem persists then you should reset the Wi-Fi settings. 

  • Siri Doesn’t Work

The latest iPhone models have an advanced feature of an Intellectual personal assistant called Siri. By using this app, you can get help in performing different tasks. You can simply ask Siri to do this task on your behalf. Nevertheless, there are sometimes when Siri fails to work. 

How to Fix it: To bring the Siri back in working order, you can simply clean the mic found at the bottom of the iPhone then turn off and on the Siri App through the settings menu. If this trick does not work then you can reset factory settings of the phone to enable Siri again. To reset your iPhone, Open Settings > General > Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings.

  • Cracked screen

Though iPhone is a powerful and durable gadget, you must be aware of the fact that its screen is highly sensitive and breakable. With a smashed screen, the functionality of the device effects badly or in some extreme conditions the phone stops working when the screen gets broken. 

So, if you have cracked or damaged your phone screen due to a sudden fall on a hard surface, it would definitely be a stressful situation. However, you can repair or replace the broken screen to get your phone back to life.

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How to fix it: You can buy a DIY Kits for iPhone screen repair or replacement. Hence, if you are not confident that you can fix it on your own, then you should call an experienced mobile repair technician to get it repaired safely. 

  • Home Button Not Working 

The home button is a very key thing in an iPhone but it is a fact that because of constant use, it can start to stick. When the home button does not work properly, it is really difficult to have control over your phone. So, if you are experiencing such type of problem, you should go for iPhone repair today to fix it. 

  • Unresponsive/ Frozen Screen
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This is one of the most common problems that occur when the iPhone fails to perform any function. 

How to Fix it: Try these following tricks to fix the frozen screen of your iPhone:

  • Power off your device and turn it back on again. 
  • Or, try a hard reset by pressing and holding the home button and Sleep/Wake button at the same time. 
  • If these tricks no longer work, you should get in touch with an iPhone repair expert for the restoration of the OS. 
  • Failure To Power Off

Typically you should not experience any trouble when turning the iPhone off. But if you fail to do so, you can power it off forcefully to fix it. 

How to force reset: Press the sleep/wake button and the home button together for at least five seconds. Wait until the Apple logo appears on the screen and after that, your phone can be turned on or off without any problem. 

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  • iPhone Camera Malfunction

Another major problem occurs when the rear camera in your iPhone fails to function. For instance, you can experience that the camera itself has stopped working at some point or camera app becomes stuck. 

How to fix it: Simply force restart the iPhone by pressing the home button and Sleep/Wake button at once. Keep holding them until the Apple logo appears. After restarting the phone, if the camera still does not function properly, take it to an expert repairer to fix the issue. 

  • Signal Failure Problems

If your iPhone is showing poor signals and you are facing the following issues including calls cut off, slow downloads, fail to connect data service etc., it all means that your phone antenna has some problem. 

How to fix it: Get technical help from an expert to repair the faulty antenna. 

  • Apps are Crashing 

Imagine that you are exploring through your favourite news app, or browsing through an online shop when suddenly the phone blinks and gets back to home menu. Well, this means apps are crashing and it is an annoying situation. 

How to Fix It: There are some ways to fix this iPhone issue: 

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  • Double press the home button to go to App manager. Then force stop the offending app. 
  • If you still experience crashes, you should update the apps by visiting the iTunes and App store. 
  • If still continues to hang, try to update the OS of your phone. 
  • Volume Button Stops Working
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You can sometimes find people calling you at the most troublesome times, for instance, when the volume button is stuck at mute and you can’t hear the voice properly. 

How to fix it: There are several things you can try to fix the volume button issue. 

  • Turn on the Airplane Mode. It will allow you to receive the calls through voicemail.
  • Try to mute all sounds on your device. 
  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Assistive Touch and then tap the Assistive mode to turn it ON. It will make you able to control your iPhone from the home screen. 
  • If the problem persists, call to a professional technician for iPhone repair. 
  • Water Damage

Are you ready to cry because you’ve damaged your iPhone by falling it into the water? It is such a moment of panic and despair. Water damage is one of the biggest iPhone issues because it can ruin the device completely. 

How to fix it: Try to do the following things immediately if your iPhone is submerged in water:

  • Wipe the excess water off the device. 
  • Turn off the phone as it can cause to short-circuit. 
  • Leave the iPhone in a dry place and wait for at least 48 hours to turn it on. 
  • If the phone still doesn’t work, contact the professional mobile phone repair technician. 
  • Microphone Not Working

This common problem occurs when you can hear the people on calls but they can’t hear you. 

How to Fix it: Open Settings > Privacy > Microphone and ensure that a certain app has permission to use the microphone. 

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If the problem is still as-it-is, you can consider iPhone Repair to fix it.