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15 Tools and Resources for Color Design

Color is an integral part of design. Choosing the right color palette for your website can make or break its appeal to potential customers.

Here is a list of tools and resources for color design. There are basic and advanced color theory tutorials, tools for generating effective color palettes, and community design sites for additional help and inspiration.

Understanding the color

Color in motion. This is a useful and entertaining interactive web application to learn about color communication and symbolism. See the color profiles and the symbolic meaning of each, then interact with the color to express your emotions.

Color in motion

A huge guide to color psychology. This guide is a detailed exploration of color psychology, with a useful picture of color meanings and association. Learn the science and theory behind color, how to apply color psychology in marketing, and how to integrate everything into a coherent strategy.

Designer's Guide to Color Contrast. There is psychology behind the colors to which people are attracted. Learn about color contrast, including how and why you should use it in your design. Use this guide on to develop an improved aesthetic that will appeal to customers.

Tools and Resources

Adobe CC color. Adobe Color CC is a tool for creating, saving, and navigating color palettes. Define basic colors, select color rules for your palettes, customize with color lines, and more. You can even extract a color palette from a photo. Just take a photo with your iPhone and Adobe Color will give you the color palette of this image.

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Stylize me. Stylify Me was created to help designers quickly get a look at the style guide of a site, including colors, fonts, sizing and spacing. Just enter a URL to search for sites efficiently without having to inspect each item.

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Shutterstock spectrum. Spectrum is a color search tool from a library of stock images. Search by keyword and color using a simple slider. Select a color or browse the color palettes. This is a useful tool for seeing examples of colors in context.

Colourlovers. Colourlovers is an international creative community where designers and artists create and share colors, palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful items. Get the tools and services needed to move from design inspiration to execution with your next project.

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Coolers. Coolers is a color scheme generator. Type your color to instantly match the combinations. Browse thousands of popular palettes by other creative professionals. Pick up the starting colors of your images and get a convincing combination automatically. Create your profile and keep all your color schemes organized with tags. Use the iOS app, the Chrome extension or the Adobe add-on.

Color-hexagon. Color-hex provides color information, including color schemes (RGB, HSL, HSV, and CMYK), triadic colors, monochromatic colors, and similar colors calculated on a color page. Color-hex also generates a simple CSS code for the selected color. Examples of HTML elements are also displayed under the color detail page.

ColorExplorer. ColorExplorer is an online toolbox for working with color palettes. Choose a base color, and then select your favorite color matching algorithms. Browse through color libraries, including common print colors, as well as RGB color libraries.

Seeds of design. Design Seeds is a collection of palettes, created and organized by designer Jessica Colaluca. Submit photos via Instagram using the hashtag #SeedsColor. Find palettes using the search function found on the blog by entering a specific title, the Instagram name of the photographer, or a general keyword. Browse palettes according to collection, color or seasonal atlases.

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ColorZilla. ColorZilla is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that assists web developers and graphic designers with basic and advanced color tasks. Get a color reading from any point of your browser, quickly adjust that color and paste it into another program. Analyze a page and inspect a palette of its colors. Also create advanced multi-stop CSS gradients.

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CheckMyColours. CheckMyColours is a tool for checking the foreground and background color combinations of all JavaScript DOM elements and determining if they provide sufficient contrast when they are seen by a person with color deficits. All tests are based on the algorithms proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium.

Paletton. Paletton is a tool for creating color combinations and color palettes. Paletton is designed as a color wheel and applies the classic color theory in a RYB color space. As a result, the color combinations that it produces are different from other pallet generators.

Colordot. Colordot is an easy way to create and share color palettes with a swipe of your finger. Swipe left and right to change the color of the colors. Up and down changes the brightness of a color. To make a color more or less intense, pinch with two fingers. Colordot also has an iOS app.

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