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$ 16,000 and escalation: Bitcoin price reaches new heights, is there a limit?

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The world average price of bitcoin in major US, Japanese, South Korean and European markets has exceeded $ 16,000, peaking at $ 16,422.

In the past 24 hours, the price of bitcoin has risen by almost 30%, outperforming all ten major cryptomarkets on the market, including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

$ 10,000, the "psychological level" is over, is everything possible?

George Kikvadze, a highly respected Bitcoin investor and Vice President of Bitcury, a leading Bitcoin mining company, said the $ 10,000 mark was the psychological level of the majority of investors and traders on the bitcoin market. Once the price of bitcoin has exceeded $ 10,000, it has risen to $ 15,000 in a few days, and according to Kikvadze, anything is possible beyond $ 10,000.

"What an impetus to buy up to more than $ 13 000. As I said, the psychological level of $ 10,000 has been adopted.Now, anything is possible." says Kikvadze.

In the coming weeks, particularly through the launch dates of the CBOE and CME bitcoin futures and holidays, the price of bitcoin is expected to continue to rise. The entry of CBOE and CME in the bitcoin market is expected to result in the injection of tens of billions of dollars in bitcoin in the short term, while the two most important options are traded on the financial market world.

Peter Brandt, a prominent trader and author, pointed out that since an interim target of $ 14,800 has already been achieved, the price of bitcoin is expected to rise to $ 18,800 in a near future.

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Earlier this week, Brandt said the price of bitcoin is expected to exceed $ 18,000 in 2018. In response, several investors and experts, including John McAfee, have noted that the $ 18,000 mark would be exceeded from here the end of the year. By the current trend of bitcoin prices, unless a major price correction occurs, the price of bitcoin will continue to climb up to $ 18,000 over the next few weeks.

Launch of the future of the CBOE on December 10

With the launch of CBOE's bitcoin futures market just two days later, the demand for bitcoins in the traditional financial market and institutional investors is skyrocketing. Some of the largest hedge funds in the market, including the $ 95 billion Man Group group, plan to invest in bitcoin at the launch of a major bitcoin futures exchange.

Given the timing of the CBOE and CME bitcoin futures markets, as well as NASDAQ's commitment to launch its own bitcoin futures in the first quarter of 2018, in terms of liquidity and market adoption, bitcoin is on course to maintain its bullish momentum and reach new heights in the short and medium term.

A few months ago, the interim goal of $ 10,000 at the end of the year by Max Keizer, financial analyst and host of RT, seemed ambitious and unrealistic. However, the $ 10,000 milestone has already left the heads of most traders, and investors are expecting the price of bitcoin to reach $ 18,000 relatively quickly

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