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17 Resources for GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulations are now in force. For website owners around the world, respect for GDPR seems daunting. Fortunately, there are many resources to help.

Here is a list of resources for companies to comply with the GDPR. There are USU officials, helpful checklists, webinars, tracking sites, a WordPress plugin, and even a GDPR chatbot. All these resources are free.

Resources for GDPR Compliance

European Commission: 2018 Reform of the EU data protection rules. The European Commission is the executive body of the European Union. Get the official information of the GDPR reform, including the rules for companies and organizations, and the rights of citizens. Access the Rule and Communication Library and get a helpful list of related links.

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European Commission: 2018 Reform of the EU Data Protection Rules

The GDPR Compliance Checklist is an interactive checklist made by a small team from Belgium to help companies navigate the GDPR landscape.

GDPR guide for designers. What does the GDPR require, and how will it reshape the work of the designers? From Co.Design of Fast Company, here is a GDPR guide for designers based on dialogue with design agencies, data protection officers and privacy advocates.

Anonymizer. In the development process, you should never use a production database – it's risky and violates the GDPR. Anonymizer replaces all data in your database with anonymized random data. The most important feature of Anonymizer is the formatting of the data. All generated data is similar to the original data used by real users.

GDPR tracker is a compliance list for more than 100 cloud services and subprocessors. This includes hosting partners, data center locations, and certifications.

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GDPR tracker.

Cookies EU Banner is a JavaScript library for accessing user content via services such as Google Analytics.

GDPR CLI is an easy-to-use command-line tool for checking any website for GDPR compliance. The tool retrieves a website for HTML, CSS and JavaScript and tries to detect code that potentially sends personal data to other services, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, and many others. ;other.

Awesome GDPR is an organized list of GDPR compatible tools for website creators. Access search tools and applications that do not follow user data.

"Parker", confidential data chatbot. If you want to know if the GDPR can apply to your non-US. business, chat with "Parker", the GDPR chatbot.

"Parker" confidential data chatbot.

Preparation to the EU GDPR . From IT Governance Ltd, a UK-based risk management firm, this webinar provides an overview of the regulatory landscape, GDPR principles, violation notification rules, processor passwords, and more. There is also a recording of the webinar available on YouTube.

EU GDPR: A Pocket Guide is an introduction for organizations that need to become familiar with the key principles of data privacy and GDPR.

GDPR WordPress Plugin is intended to help a controller, a data controller and a data protection officer to strive to comply with the obligations and rights promulgated under the GDPR. Add user consent management, cookie preferences, the ability to manage user data requests, and more.

Achieve GDPR compliance. This five-minute video explains the basic principles of GPDR, what it means for inbound and outbound marketing, and how to make web forms conform.


10 Ways to Prepare Your Organization for GDPR is a useful checklist of 10 simple steps that organizations can follow to make sure they are compliant. Portal. This site is a resource to educate the public about the main elements of the GDPR. It includes information on major regulatory changes, controversial topics, article summaries, and more. The site was created by Trunomi (a data rights management company) and Commvault (a data recovery company).

ICO. The Office of the Information Commissioner is the independent body of the United Kingdom charged with defending the rights to information. It has published a comprehensive Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation, containing detailed information on principles, the basis of law, rights, liability, etc.

Microsoft Trust Center explains how Microsoft products help you comply with GDPR. Access webinars, videos, white papers and more. Learn more about GDPR compliance best practices Simplify your compliance process when using Microsoft cloud services with Compliance Manager. Evaluate your GDPR compliance with an interactive assessment of 10 questions.

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Microsoft Privacy Center

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