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18 Mothers Day Marketing Ideas for Lifestyle and Fashion Traders

Mother's Day can generate substantial income for fashion and lifestyle merchants. In this post, I will offer 18 tactics and strategies to boost ecommerce sales during this important shopping day.

Products and packaging

Add Items Merchants should add new products that appeal to moms, mothers-in-law and godmothers. If you can not create an entire line, consider adding gift items to existing categories.

Create gift sets and baskets. Every holiday, especially Mother's Day, is a great time to consolidate your products, create gift baskets and create additional site categories to increase your average order. Gift sets should use different demographic segments and prices.

Deploy upsells and cross-sells. A compelling incentive strategy for Mother's Day is essential. Suggest gift sets and baskets to everyone who shops in your store during the Mother's Day season. In addition, add relevant cross-selling items to the checkout that also function as stand-alone gifts. For example, if you sell clothes or beauty, an exclusive candle can be a cross-sell item or a gift in itself.

Use special packaging. Mothers are women. They appreciate beauty and attention. Personalized gift wrap, envelopes, plastic bags and handwritten cards will cost you a few extra dollars, but they will work wonders. These items will also allow your customers to save time on packaging and presentation.

Also, include a free quality gift in every order. Make an order look like a gift and include a stylish and free gift greatly reduces return rates.

Gift baskets, gift sets and special packaging are among the many promotions that attract Mother's Day buyers.


For any vacation promotion, merchants with limited budgets and staff should focus on customer loyalty rather than on a separate acquisition strategy. Major retailers are expected to launch Mother's Day pay-per-click campaigns, trade feeds and Facebook ads.

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Create a separate website category. Your site must have a specialized category, optimized for keywords, for the holidays. This will create a better customer experience and help with search engine optimization.

Place a keyword-based gift guide on the website. Having a gift guide is a common practice of ecommerce. But in 2018, this tactic should offer excellent value to buyers.

Gift guides can take different forms, such as a graphic, an infographic, a blog post, a downloadable document, or a video. The guide should list the products and present their benefits.

In addition, complete gift guides can attract links and perform well in search rankings. Influencers and social media users can also refer to it.

Lead magnets can be very productive for online merchants. Private customers appreciate valuable information. They will exchange their e-mail address for ebooks, guides and other useful documents. Providing interesting content also generates buyer confidence. It can separate a niche retailer from a massive competitor.

Produce videos for YouTube. Reusing your gift guide or magnets in YouTube videos will create an exhibit. (YouTube is the second largest search engine, after all.) If you do not have a guide, take videos of your latest collection or product line with explanations of the benefits.

Follow common video optimization practices by using keywords (including file names) and writing original descriptions. Also consider little-known tactics such as front-loading keywords, generation of interactions (especially comments), the use of a small number of specific tags, the creation of thumbnails catchy and the duration of the video. Consider using extended descriptions, that is, mini-blogs.

Launch a dedicated Pinterest board. A Mother's Day chart on Pinterest will produce consistent traffic. Even though Pinterest is not one of your company's leading social media, with little or no subscribers, your forum will continue to drive traffic from Mother's Day keywords. .

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Using on-site marketing. Place promotions on your website and make them very visible. They should however be smaller than exclusive offers for existing customers.

Focus on email marketing. Increase the frequency of promotional emails to compete with other retailers. If buyers like your store, they will receive your emails with pleasure. Also:

  • List the benefits of your products and store in each promotional email. This could include, for example, offering a gift wrap, free gifts and free returns and exchanges.
  • Segment e-mails by time zone to send them at the best time for conversions.
  • Include special offers and cross-sells in all transactional emails.
  • Make abandoned cart emails an important part of your Mother's Day strategy.

Consider marketing influence. If you have relationships with influencers, let them run your campaigns. But avoid testing new audiences because Mother's Day buyers tend to buy from merchants they trust.

Social Media. Beyond Pinterest and YouTube, of which I spoke earlier, consider these social strategies.

  • Instagram. Divide your gift guide into several series of posts on Instagram and use branded hashtags without long duration. Mix informative and promotional messages.
  • Facebook group. If you have a committed community, a Facebook group can be one of the best places for Mother's Day promotions. If this is not the case, start building your group now to prepare for the next vacation.
  • Snapchat. Showcase your Mother's Day products.

Retarget visitors to your website with attractive listings and offers on Facebook and Google search.

Local SEO. List your promotions and products on Google My Business.

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Shipping and Customer Service

Promotional offers for shipping. Free shipping 10-12 days before Mother's Day and free shipping 2 days a few days in advance. If you have enough margins, give yourself overnight deliveries a day or two before Mother's Day to attract last-minute shoppers. Make sure all shipping promotions are highlighted in all categories and all pages on shipping policies.

Free returns and first exchanges. This will attract and comfort the customers.

Improve customer service. Remember to use a 24/7 call center during the Mother's Day shopping period. Otherwise, extend your customer service hours and be sure to answer any questions on social networks within 30 minutes.