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184th Death of Bitcoin? Fed rate hikes could blow Dotcom bubble

The price of bitcoin could plummet after several interest rate increases in a dotcom type apocalypse, traditional media have reported.

According to Forbes, rises in central bank interest rates could pile up pressure on opportunistic investors and provoke Bitcoin deflation

The prospect of a purported " "pop-up bubble will come after" Bitcoin has transformed dozens of investors, who bought early in digital currency, into millionaires, "writes Panos Mourdoukoutas

" But these investors They could lose their millions of euros faster than they did, and others if the market dynamics fades and finally turns in the wrong direction. "

Margin calls for investors would be paired with nal fiat currencies interest rates a better profile in the eyes of secular consumers. This would mean that Bitcoin would be "less attractive".

Referring to the impending death of Bitcoin, Forbes nevertheless argued that the CME group announced that it would offer Bitcoin futures trading by the end of the year. year.

The Bitcoin price has surged in response to news, whose sources claim to mark a turning point for Wall Street's legitimized participation in Bitcoin trading.

As to when it will go down, it depends on the Fed's rate hikes and the nature of the so-called Bitcoin bubble

"At least, that's what prepared the beginning of the bursting of the Internet bubble in the early 2000s, "adds Mourdoukoutas. ] "The good news for Bitcoin investors is that the Fed is not there yet, which means that even if there is a bubble, it's in the" sweet spot. " Is usually the period between the first and the fourth rise in interest rates. "

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