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19 mistakes to avoid on your e-commerce site before going online (INFOGRAPHIC)

So, you've built an ecommerce site and think it's ready now. But is it really good to go live?

Many businesses today have e-commerce sites, but not all of them can increase page views and maximize conversions. To launch a successful ecommerce site, you need to know what mistakes you should avoid.

Bluehost Coupon Codes has created a list of common mistakes made by businesses when they launch their ecommerce sites.

Errors of an Ecommerce Website to Avoid Before You Begin

Let's take a look at some glaring mistakes you must avoid.

No Proper About Us Page

Potential customers want to know who you are before you start doing business with you. That is why, most of them will check your About Us page for more information. The absence of a good page About us can affect website traffic and have an impact on your sales.

Do not focus on SEO strategy

You can invest a fortune in creating a stylish eCommerce site, but you will not be able to reap the results unless you have a solid SEO strategy.

In today 's increasingly competitive market, SEO is crucial to ensure you rank on the front pages of search engines. A higher ranking will get you more traffic and translate it into sales.

Do not take content marketing seriously

Good content is the reason why customers come back regularly to a site. For an ecommerce site, relevant and up-to-date content is essential to keep customers interested. Remember, the information should provide real value to your target audience.

Do not Make Your Website Sensitive in Design

The number of mobile users is increasing at a steady pace. And for ecommerce site owners, the majority of traffic comes from mobile devices. A responsive web design ensures users the same experience when they browse your site on their mobile phone.

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Loading speed

Slow sites lose customers who never return. On the other hand, fast loading speed can enhance the user experience and help you increase traffic.

To see the 19 mistakes you'll want to avoid before launching your company's ecommerce site, check out the infographic below:

Image: Bluehost Coupon Codes