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3 Email Tactics to Make Life Easier for Buyers

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As consumers move through the stages of their lives, their buying priorities change. A recent college graduate is probably concerned with the award. A seasoned leader can focus on quality. In other words, visitors to your e-commerce site have different reasons to shop. The key for merchants is to facilitate their purchase of products.

In this article, I will explore ways to use email marketing to make your customers' lives easier.

Connection information

I have dozens of sites to which I connect. All have different requirements. Some use the email as the user name; some require a unique user name. As a consumer, it can be difficult to track all the different user names, passwords and account numbers. One way to help your customers is to include in all email communications an item of unsecured login information, to facilitate connection to your site.

Delta Airlines is doing a good job with that. Connecting to requires a SkyMiles number, which most people will not remember. Delta includes this number in all e-mails, even promotional e-mails. When connecting, a Delta client only needs to retrieve a recent email from the company to retrieve the SkyMiles number.

However, Delta could make this even more convenient by adding the SkyMiles number as a parameter to any link in the email, so the number would load automatically by clicking and the recipient would not. Would not have to enter it manually.

Delta Airlines prominently displays the customer's SkyMiles number in each email, allowing this customer to interact more easily with .

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Automation of the control

I'm a member of WSJwine, the Wall Street Journal's wine club. The club automatically sends a case of wine every three months and bills my card. Email notifications are triggered by the date of shipment. WSJwine also sends offers, offers and other frequent promotions, in addition to my automated deliveries. I do not usually buy these extras, preferring not to spend the time evaluating them.

After about a year as a club member, WSJwine offered special offers at discounted rates that I would automatically receive unless I said I did not want them. This approach works often. For WSJwine, the offer was something I wanted and I did not have work to get it. It was fully automated.

By understanding your customers and their frequency of purchase, you can identify the buyers who would most likely respond to sales incentives or additional purchases of identical or similar products. It is a tactic that is worth being tested. Only apply to frequently purchased items as this may mislead the customer.

<img class="wp-image-145189 size-full" src="" alt=" WSJwine sends offers to club members based on their purchases. The offers are easy to use for members. "Width =" 450 "height =" 844 "/>

WSJwine sends offers to club members based on their purchases.

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Amazon's Subscribe & Save program facilitates automated delivery to customers of frequently purchased items, such as cleaning products and health and beauty products. Consumers can choose the frequency. They can also ignore or cancel their orders at any time. Amazon allows customers to easily manage, sending e-mail reminders and other e-mail communications.

Emails triggered

Emails for abandoned carts receive high open rates and clicks because of their relevance and timeliness. Effective abandoned basket e-mails use personalization and dynamic content to inform the actual products in the basket. This helps remind buyers of the items they envisioned. Many merchants also use abandoned cart e-mails to remind customers that products are out of stock.

<img class="wp-image-145190 size-large" src="" alt=" This basket abandonment email from Banana Republic included images of the products. "Width =" 405 "height =" 1024 "/>

This Banana Republic basket abandonment e-mail included images of the products.]

Other e-mails triggered could include:

  • Aborting Research or Research,
  • Anniversaries of purchase,
  • Recalls of sale or event.

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