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3 reasons why your site does NOT convert visitors into customers – and what to do

It's pretty frustrating, is not it?

Like many other entrepreneurs, you put a lot of effort and energy into establishing your online presence. You have invested time and money in creating a website that will attract new customers to your business.

After all the work, you finally launched your site. More so, your digital marketing efforts have helped you attract thousands of new visitors to your site.

But you still have a problem: only a few are currently buying. It's enough to drive you crazy. Every day, a multitude of potential customers come to your website and leave without buying anything.

Website not converting? That may be why

If this happens to you, it must not continue. Chances are, there are some basic principles that you might miss. This post will give you some basic tactics that will help you convert prospects into customers.

They do not trust your brand

One of the main reasons why potential customers might visit a site without buying it is that they do not yet trust the company. People buy from established, authoritative and credible brands. Not only that, people want to interact with brands that are interested in their needs.

Fortunately, building trust does not have to be difficult. There are many factors involved in getting potential customers to see you as an authority.

If you're having trouble converting visitors to your website, there's a good chance your content marketing efforts will fall flat. You might not create the type of content that keeps your readers engaged.

There are some components of a winning content marketing strategy:

  • The content must be informative. Do not write a blog just to create content. Make sure each word brings a benefit to the person reading it.
  • Develop a plan. Do not just start writing willy-nilly. Determine what types of content offer the best value to your readers. A content calendar is a great tool for mapping the content you will create.
  • Invite your customers to subscribe to your mailing list. This gives you another way to interact with them. The goal is to build a relationship with the people who visit your site.
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Another way to build trust is to show your visitors how you can help them. The best way to do this is to show how you have helped other customers like them. It is here that the case studies intervene.

Case studies are effective ways of telling stories that reveal how your business has benefited other customers. It also gives your readers insight into how your business works.

Testimonials are another way to prove your value to your potential customers. Get the statements from your happiest customers and put them on your website. It's a good idea to pepper these little snippets on every page of your site so that your prospects see them when they navigate.

It is too difficult for them to buy

One of the most overlooked aspects of online sales is the user experience. Many have made it too difficult for customers to buy their products or services. If you are having trouble converting leads into customers, it may be because your prospects find that it is too difficult to give you money.

You must make sure that it is easy to navigate your website. People should be able to buy your products or services in a few clicks. Otherwise, they will lose patience and go elsewhere.

Easy payment is one of the best ways to get more people to spend their money with you. This involves allowing customers to buy without creating an account. Yes, I know you want them to give you their information so that you can establish a relationship with them, but sometimes it is best to give them the opportunity to buy without signing up. After all, your goal is to get them to make a purchase, is not it?

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Sometimes, if people buy from you without having to open an account, they will be more likely to become a subscriber later, after seeing that your product or service is working. In addition, you want to make sure that you limit the number of steps necessary to make the purchase. Do not overload your customers with an excessive number of steps. Give them a clear path to get what they want.

They do not see your value

Are you absolutely sure to communicate the true value of your offering? Does your website reflect the ways your business can add value to your customers? If you are having problems converting your customers, it is very possible that they do not see why they should buy what you are selling.

In addition to creating content, you must also make sure your sales copy is about. If you are not an effective copywriter, hire someone who is. It is important. Your website needs a copy that explains why your customer's life will be easier, better, or more fun after buying your business.

One of the fundamental factors of good sales writing is to focus on the benefits rather than the features. The functions describe what your product or service does while the benefits explain why the features matter to the customer.

Here is an example. Say you sell chairs. Yes, I know it sounds captivating, but stay with me here. In this case, you could discuss its ergonomic design and its mesh support. There are several features that go into making ergonomic chairs. However, your customers do not care.

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Instead of focusing primarily on chair design, it's best to talk about the health benefits of ergonomic chairs. Tell your client how he can relieve back pain. Discuss the risks of sitting on chairs that are not designed to support the back. That's what your customer wants to know.

Final Thoughts

If you're tired of attracting tons of visitors without converting them, the tips in this article can help you solve the problem. The key is to earn the trust of your prospects, facilitate their purchase and show them how their life will be better after doing business with you. When you master the fundamentals of digital marketing, you will have no problem getting people to use your business.

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