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3 strategic goals that SEO consultants must fulfill

What is the point of a SEO strategy? This is a question that I am asked quite often – and to which I usually have to answer more than once. While many business owners and businesses accept the need for SEO, many are still confused or mystified by what SEO actually provides. Being able to prove the return on investment to clients or your boss is critical to success and maintaining good relationships.

In this post, I want to cover three key objectives that you can fulfill with a SEO strategy: visibility, traffic and return on investment. I will explain how these three objectives create a positive impact and how you can show these results to decision makers.


The primary goal that SEO consultants can reach is to increase the visibility of the brand online. Consumers assume that the top ranking in the search rankings is an "approval label" for the brand. Although we know that this is not always the case, many researchers interpret the high grade as an endorsement of the brand.

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