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3 ways you can speed up your small business software to become irresistible to customers

There is no time to rest on your laurels in the professional world today, whether you are a large company or a small company. When you try to keep up with the pace of the global economy, your software can be a game changer. Those with the most advanced programs will stay in the foreground, while those with outdated software will find themselves behind the eight balls. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to competition because larger companies are more likely to have advanced technologies on their side.

How Software Can Accelerate Speed ​​in Business

First offer

To understand how software can help your small business stay in the global marketplace, it's important to start with your company's supply chain.

Your supply chain must take into account multi-level availability and demand, including basic materials for manufacturing, product life cycles, and sales trends. Those who adopt predictive analytics as part of their process will therefore have a significant advantage in sourcing materials, adding additional vendor sources or modifying shipping schedules to meet the demand.

If you do not use predictive analytics at all levels of your business to assess individual customer activity, market trends, and supply-side issues, you put your business at a disadvantage. Strong forecasts allow for faster scaling, better pricing and better respect for your customers.

Products in motion

Although your company's supply chain may be long, requiring substantial preparation for changes, shipping and distribution may also pose timing issues for small businesses. Fortunately, adopting the right software can help reduce associated delays.

First, to understand how software can improve distribution processes, it is important to understand that distribution is not just about moving products. On the contrary, it includes aspects of inventory management and the ability to make rapid changes in business strategy based on sales patterns, customer needs and more.

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Despite its complexity, the distribution does not have to be heavy. The use of ERP software to track distribution, manage providers and monitor incoming data provides additional information on individual purchases, billing and ordering.

To his advantage, distribution processes leave a lot of room for customization, and for some of the smaller companies, it means adopting direct delivery instead of traditional manufacturing and ordering. The drop shipping is perfect for small businesses with even smaller budgets and no storage facilities.

Drop shipping is ideally viewed from the angle of speed because it provides business mobility. If you have access to the Internet, you can fill orders and track customer shipments because the software goes with you everywhere, usually via an exclusive online platform.

ERP and direct delivery systems allow companies to remove inventory tracking software, but each for different reasons. Since inventory tracking software is used in warehouses, the absence of warehouse in direct shipment removes the middleman, while the ERP software includes inventory tracking in part of a larger program. The fewer moving parts your company works with, the more efficient the operations will be.

Go Mobile, paperless

Finally, there are a number of factors that can slow down the activities of small businesses, but the most common are bulky documents and deferred billing and payment. Fortunately, some simple software can eliminate these pain points from the equation.

Even though the paperwork itself will never disappear from the business world – contracts, orders, receipts and other forms will never go away – there are ways to minimize the work associated with all of these documents. Digitizing them or focusing on "digital born" paperwork is a way. And with the advent of eSignature tools, it is easier for companies and their customers to officially approve documents digitally.

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Reducing out-of-print paperwork, while adding a moving element, can also speed up this process. By using payment software as a service (PaaS), companies can bill customers and receive payments from anywhere, just as sending by mail allows orders to be executed. mobile. In fact, the two together can keep a business moving as fast as your average throw – say, with a professional continued. Your business goes where you go. And that's what the modern business world demands.

Speed ​​may not be everything in business, but when you consider business leaders as the two-day expedition of Amazon Prime – or even the day even, in some areas, Hulu's pay-TV, Netflix and HBO and pick-up the same day in stores when you order online, it's certainly a determining factor.

Unfortunately, most of the time, high-speed delivery is left to the big names. With smarter software, small businesses can also play this game.

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