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& # 39; Crypto Hour & # 39; draws attention to the rise in crypto power consumption

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On March 24, 2018, at 8:30 pm, the organizers of "Crypto Hour" will urge miners to turn off their mining equipment for an hour, according to

A group of Russian experts in charge of the environment in mines, crypto-currencies and locks organized "Crypto Hour" as part of "Earth Hour" organized by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) responsibility and ecologism.

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Bitcoin Mining

The organizers of" Crypto Hour "want participants to focus on ways to green
More than 50 terawatt hours of electricity are spent annually to support the bitcoin network, unless the current growth in electricity consumption is declining, experts say that d & # 's 39 By 2020 the bitcoin network could consume as much electricity as the rest of the combined world electricity consumption.

The consumption of energy raises concerns

The mining activity also emits a large amount of heat, which contributes to additional costs for cooling.

The organizers of "Crypto Hour" want to urge governments to create "green mining" cards, which involves locating mining facilities near renewable energy sources and encouraging investment in ecological mining projects in the Russian Federation.

Peter Dvoryankin, the initiator of Crypto Hour, also wants the campaign to encourage the creation of systems to use the heat generated in the mining process and develop more energy-efficient technologies in the distributed registry. Dvoryankin is the founder of the international network of professional investors in digital assets "CryptoLife", and a member of the expert council of the Russian State Duma on legislative support for the development of financial technologies.

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Environmental Action Wanted

"Earth Hour – 2018", an annual environmental action organized by the WWF, aims to draw attention to the need for a responsible attitude towards the nature and resources of the planet. The action of WWF, under the slogan "Vote for nature", will focus on three environmental issues: the protection of reserves, the development of alternative energies and the creation of a selective collection system waste and their recycling.

Earth Hour campaign participants will vote for the most important environmental initiatives and form a collective message to the Russian president. The action should be the most important of the event's history with about 30 million people participating in Russia.

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