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39% of online shoppers swear never to return if a delivery is refused

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It would be better if your online delivery was correct, otherwise 39% of your customers would never do shopping again with you, according to MetaPack's report on the state of e-commerce in 2017 .

The importance of delivery in electronic commerce

The report states that half of shoppers (about 54%) say that they base their buying choices on delivery options. An even more disturbing statistic indicates that 43% of shoppers will use social media to share their dissatisfaction with a bad delivery experience with others. And that's not all. Expectations among metropolitan buyers. Fifty-four percent of online shoppers in these regions want e-commerce sites to offer one-hour delivery.

Some 3,577 consumers from seven countries, including the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, participated in the study. It is clear from the MetaPack survey that small businesses – especially online retailers – can not rely on the strategic role delivery plays in the overall success of their businesses.

"When it comes to earning and keeping customers, delivery has the power to make or break the online shopping experience," the report says. "Indeed, our research confirms that the delivery options faced by consumers will determine whether they end up pressing the" buy "button at the checkout, half (50 percent) of the buyers we surveyed this year admit to abandoning the shopping baskets online because the delivery choices offered were unsatisfactory or did not meet their needs. "

And while shoppers are still aware of the price, the report says that a growing number (35 percent) of shoppers now favor convenience over cost and are happy to pay more if it allows them they want.

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It is also important, according to the survey, to display delivery options prominently. An impressive 77% or respondents say they expect this information to be posted on the product page of an online store.

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Image: Metapack