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4 Basic Tips to write a great headline for Twitter

When it comes to reading content online, most people just skim through the content and do not actually read it all, and we all are guilty of it. Online readers focus on the headlines though and read them while ignoring the rest of the content that is there in extensive chunks. No one reads through it completely, unless someone is a reading freak. You can call it the ritual of online reading. On social media forums such as Twitter, Facebook, and others, this very ritual is thoroughly followed. But the point is, people do read them, and essentially have subscriptions to ISPs such as Cincinnati Bell Fioptics Availability to stay updated with these forums.

It is a well-known fact that eight out of ten people read the headlines only. Although it is somewhat alarming for the content writers, at the same time, they are enlightened and encouraged to improve their headlines and make them more catchy for the readers to readily grasp their attention. Headlines have all the power to influence the readers, even if they don’t read the rest of the article. There is no definition of a perfect headline and doesn’t have to be one. Social media has revolutionized our content too. When we write a piece or a headline, we think about social media search in addition to the driving clicks. Let’s dig a little deeper on how to create perfect, catchy, and creative headlines for social media especially Twitter.

Figuring Out What Makes an Irresistible Headline


Needless to say, headlines have to be short and simple. A reader should be able to comprehend readily the message that it needs to deliver. They should be brilliant, intriguing, and interesting enough to make a reader pause to read it. Since we are talking about Twitter here, it is a simple perception that Tweets are almost like headlines. Tweets are meant to attract attention essentially and have to be intriguing enough to make the reader click and read. You cannot define a fixed formula for guaranteed success on Twitter, yet we can create best headlines as Tweets. Tweets that are most likely to be clicked are the ones that generate curiosity and offer a benefit. Twitter provides a convenient platform to share content time and again and this lets you test and try various headlines and figure out which of them resonate with your audience the most. This practice can essentially increase your traffic. The key to make your Twitter audience pause whilst they are scrolling through the feed, is to come up with creative and catchy Tweets that deliver their message clearly. Also, choose the images intelligently. They also give a clear idea to the readers as to what the content is about. Hence, choose catchy images and intriguing headlines to entice the readers to click your post.

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Following are four quick tips to write some amazing headlines for Twitter.

  • Lists…Maybe Top 10

    People and readers on social networking sites and blogs love lists and when you talk about Twitter, in particular, the trend remains the same. For some reason, readers like quantity and comparisons and yes, they have a thing for lists. A list where they can see a variety of stuff and have the liberty to compare things in the list makes them feel good. Your list doesn’t need to necessarily be 10, it can be lesser. Just make the content digestible, easy to read, and doesn’t take too long to open.

  1. A Poignant, Intriguing Question

    Asking a question is perhaps the easiest way to grasp the attention of your readers. Pose an intriguing, resonate question that is likely to gain engagement. On Twitter, asking questions is receiving. People like to follow shorter tweets and are more likely to respond to questions that are asked. Here’s the key to engaging them better. Ask pithy and relevant questions. People on Twitter will consider it considerate of you and someone who cares about the followers’ input. 

  1. Promising Undertones

    The best and conventional headlines are always promissory and same we will suggest for the Tweets. A promise can effortlessly hook readers and they will have a feeling that they will more informed, entertained, enlightened, and smarter if they get to read your piece. But if you are making use of this very hack, then prove worthy of your promise. Provide value to the readers that they have been looking for in your piece.

  1. Call to Action

To catch the attention of your followers and to have them click on your links, add a ‘call to action’ feature in your tweets. As long as your Tweet is well-versed, grammatically correct, engaging, and concise, they will readily do it.