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4 TechCrunch authors bought the iPhone X. Here are our thoughts

Happy day of the iPhone X! A few of us here at TechCrunch have received our new toys today and wanted to share some initial ideas with you.


First, Megan Rose Dickey the madwoman who, at one point, told colleagues that she felt like she was under the grip of the drug during its initial exploration of the iPhone X.

I could barely sleep last night because I knew that at some point, my iPhone X would arrive. After being showered and dressed, I went to my parents' home, where I had to receive the shipment.

FedEx arrived around 11am this morning and I quickly lost my shit. The first thing I did, obviously, was to try the animoji. Here is one I sent to my colleague Darrell Etherington.

Animoji are great, but now I want anibitmoji, you know? Whatever it is, the face ID works like magic and I love it.

Next, Sarah Buhr who did not feel that she was taking drugs but who was smiling by ear when the UPS guy arrived today. hui.

My previous phone was an iPhone 6 with a crack on the screen that I never bothered to repair, so the X was an essential update. It is also a beautiful piece of machinery. I am still setting up this afternoon but until now FaceID seems to work very well. He even recognizes me with glasses on or off.

The camera is also the case. Hi-res, high quality. I took a picture of my living room against the window and the light and color are still well balanced. Nice touch!

One thing I would like to skip is the need to sweep after the phone's identification of your face. The scan takes a little while to get used to and there is a lot of scanning with this phone. Why not just identify my face and let me in?

And Darrell Etherington who booked the phone for in-store pickup on Friday morning so that he could check the hype of launch day in person.

This iPhone replaces the iPhone 8 Plus that I had used (which is now en route to a new home with my dad). This is already a huge progress of the Plus line for me just because of the size because it is much smaller without sacrificing a lot of real estate to the screen.

Me too, I love Animoji – I use them as if you were using voice mail on WhatsApp or WeChat, because they are incredibly easy to record and I feel like I'm asking about dinner plans it's just better coming from a pig or a panda.

I am also surprised at the speed with which I adapted to Face ID, which I would never have imagined approaching Touch ID in terms of convenience. I find myself already guessing that it will work on the 8 Plus and my iPad Pro, and take a minute to remember to use my thumb or my finger instead.

Fitz Tepper depended on the hospitality of his hotel and a backup order to ensure that he was ready and armed with the same. iPhone X the first day of availability.

I am rather weird of needing the Apple devices the morning of their release. The elders will remember my very first article on TC, when I camped in the only US store to have the Apple Watch on launch day.

So, when I discovered that I would be in Chicago for a conference on the big day, I had to prepare myself accordingly. I stayed until 3 am on the pre-order day and somehow managed to get one sent to my hotel, and another to my house. The idea was that my flight back home was at 4 pm, and there was no way that I would be upset by a late UPS delivery. In the worst case, I would make sure that the hotel sends me the second one to return or give to a member of my family.

Anyway, I'm starting it up – and my only initial thoughts are about the size and the screen. It's so small! Coming from many years of using the iPhone benefits, it's odd to type on a smaller keyboard. Of course, the tradeoff is that the device itself feels good, and fits perfectly in your hand.

Another strange thing that you will have to get used to – no home button. I have ten years of memory at home, and it certainly will not be repaired overnight.

We do not try to sell you on the iPhone X. It is super expensive and many of us will refund it for a while. But if you like the latest and the greatest technology, that's all. Check out the official review of TC's iPhone X here.

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