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4 useful SEO tips for large e-commerce sites

E-commerce competition is starting to look a lot like classic commerce: there are a lot of online shops or other types of e-commerce. What will keep you ahead of the others is on the SEO page. This strategy is perfect if you have a great e-commerce site with lots of pages and products: this allows you to increase SERP rankings, visibility, highlight keywords and much more.

SEO on the page is very important because it's like a business card for ecommerce; it can increase your profit while reducing the costs of PPC. There are some search engine optimization tips that can showcase your products or services, like eliminating duplicate content, creating unique titles and others.

Do you need advice to optimize your SEO strategy on the page? If this interests you, you will find that it can be done with little effort, but a lot of creativity and computer knowledge. Our friends from your SEO Squad have some ideas for increasing your SEO impact on the page:

1. Good pictures are the key to success

Large e-commerce companies have hundreds of pages full of products and even more images for the same products. As impressive as the number of images could be, you can use them to improve your SEO on the page. How can you do that? Using the image and Alt Text! Alt Text must be typed without hyphens in a way that seems natural and relevant to the product being presented.

2. Navigation is Important on Large E-Commerce Sites

The user experience is something that you should consider when working on your SEO on the page. Think about organizing your products on categories such as brand, color, type of model and more. This is so that users who are looking for the type of products you are selling should find them. Amazon would be a good example in this case.

3. Duplicate content is not good SEO

Inevitably, major e-commerce sites will have duplicate content. You should do what you can to avoid this and eliminate duplicate content if you want to have maximum impact with your SEO strategy on the page. Even if it takes time, it really helps.

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4. Your titles should be unique

Last but not least, SEO title tags are among the most important details that can increase your online visibility. Sometimes users search for a product using an entire title, depending on the table in which they will use it. In this case, good titles will highlight your offer and make your store visible on the search channels. Even if you have similar products, the titles can be unique. You can use the product specifications like brand, type of article, material, model, size, color and others.

If you do not have enough experience in SEO, ecommerce can seem complicated, but it's pretty simple. All you have to do is make sure your SEO strategy on the page is optimized and updated.

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