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4 ways to increase revenue from organic search traffic

If you have been working for months trying to get higher search rankings with few results, you are not alone. Chasing high rankings usually falls flat. You can easily spend six months or more – and a lot of money and effort – and achieve little.

In this article, I will share four ways to increase sales from organic search traffic that do not require high rankings.

The sample report below is from the new version of Google Search Console. The report compares performance for two periods: November 2017 – January 2018 and November 2016 – January 2017. The period with the most impressions (1.76 million) had a lower average position (22.4). The clickthrough rate (2.7%) was the same for both. In other words, the higher rankings did not produce more traffic.

In this report of the new version of Google Search Console comparing performance, the period with the lowest average search position (22.4) generated a lot more clicks (46.9 KB).

Let's break down revenues from organic traffic into basic components.

Revenue from Natural Research = Traffic x Sales Conversion Rate x Average Order Value

Traffic = Search for impressions x click rate

So we have four ways to increase sales from organic research.

  • Perform a search Impressions : Increase the number of indexed pages.
  • Invalid clickthrough rate : Create compelling search excerpts.
  • Sales Conversion Rate : Connect the search extract offer with the content of the page.
  • Average Market Value : Target buyers who spend a lot.

Search for prints

Every page indexed from your site can make impressions. Use the new Search Console Index Coverage report to find pages that are not indexed, as well as possible solutions. Duplicate content is a common culprit. I tackled the subject to "SEO: How to detect, correct duplicate content pages."

<img class="wp-image-147725 size-full" src="https://businessdigit.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/1518560977_883_4-ways-to-increase-revenue-from-organic-search-traffic.png" alt=" The increase in the number of unique indexed pages can remedy the weaknesses of organic traffic. "Width =" 1392 "height =" 678 "/>

The increase in the number of unique indexed pages can remedy the weaknesses of organic traffic.

As you index more valid pages, you will be able to generate more search impressions, which will result in more traffic if the clickthrough rate remains the same or similar.

Clickthrough rate

Higher clickthrough rates with the same number of impressions or a similar number of impressions will also generate more traffic. In "How to Increase Clicks on Organic Search Listings", my article from last month, I've provided examples and tips.

Potential buyers read your research extracts to decide if they should click. Borrow ideas from your top performing ads, or ads from your competitors, for research snippet ideas.

Sales conversion rate

The usual approach to increasing sales conversions is to optimize the messaging on the landing pages (product) and to streamline the payment process. However, an often overlooked tactic is to filter traffic to improve its quality and relevance.

To do this, review your natural search extracts and make sure the email reflects what the searcher will find on your page.

Suppose you use markup for rich snippets to display the prices of your products in search results, but the prices of your snippets are lower than those on your site. The researchers would naturally feel that it was a bait and a switch. Not only would they not buy, but they would probably lose confidence in your entire site.

Here is an example. Black Diamond Equipment, an outdoor gear retailer, uses enriched snippet markup to display prices in search results – $ 299 in this case for a "Cold Forge Down Hoody".

<img class="wp-image-147726 size-full" src="https://businessdigit.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/1518560977_644_4-ways-to-increase-revenue-from-organic-search-traffic.png" alt=" Black Diamond Equipment displays prices in search results – $ 299 in this case for a "Cold Forge Down Hoody." "Width =" 1647 "height =" 978 "/>

Black Diamond Equipment displays prices in the Search Results – 299 for" Cold Forge Down Hoody. "

A programming error or a rapid change in prices can lead to inconsistencies, which lead to mistrust and reduce conversion rates. That's what happened with Cold Forge Down Hoody from Black Diamond Equipment. The enriched extract included a price of $ 299. But the product page on the Black Diamond website showed $ 329.

<img class="wp-image-147727 size-full" src="https://businessdigit.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/1518560977_487_4-ways-to-increase-revenue-from-organic-search-traffic.png" alt=" The price of this "Cold Forge Down Hoody" was $ 30 higher than on the research extract. "Width =" 1211 "height =" 655 "/>

The price of this" Cold Forge Down Hoody "was $ 30 higher than on the research extract.

Another example of inconsistent messaging is with a minimum order threshold. If a product has a minimum order, enter it in the research snippet, and not after the researcher has accessed your website.

Average market value

One last tactic to increase revenue from organic traffic is to increase the size of each order. Amazon does this by recommending additional items in the product pages and during the ordering process.

<img class="wp-image-147728 size-full" src="https://businessdigit.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/1518560977_438_4-ways-to-increase-revenue-from-organic-search-traffic.png" alt=" Amazon recommends additional products to increase order size. "Width =" 1466 "height =" 785 "/>

Amazon recommends additional products to increase the size of orders.

This technique works for visitors already on your site. But how can you attract larger orders from search results?

One way is to offer special incentives in your research extracts that would be attractive to this type of buyer. This could be, for example, "Free Package on Orders Over $ 500" or "Free Two Way Shipping for Orders Over $ 200".

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