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5 Content Marketing Ideas for December 2017

Organized wish lists to tell the story of your business, December 2017 offers content marketers many opportunities to connect with buyers.

Content marketing is the process of creating, publishing, and distributing articles, podcasts, or videos for the purpose of attracting, engaging, and retaining customers.

Well done, content marketing can help your business grow in the long run. The following are five content marketing ideas that your company can try in December 2017.

1. Organized Wish Lists

December is the holiday season. Although there will definitely be a shopping frenzy, at least some of your customers may have time to think about what they want for Christmas.

Scratch this itch with a series of curated wish lists related to your particular niche. In each wish list a well-known person tells your audience what they want this Christmas.

For example, if your online store sells skate clothing, you could try contacting Rodney Mullen, Ryan Sheckler or even Tony Hawk to ask them what they want this Christmas.

Similarly, if you are selling women's workout gear, you could try reaching out to the main female CrossFit athletes – such as Kristin Holte, Samantha Briggs, Sara Sigmundsdottir or Katrin Davidsdottir – to comment .

<img class = "wp-image-143489 size-large" src = "×383.jpg" alt = "Katrin Davidsdottir, featured here in competition for Amanda .45, is the 2017 CrossFit Women's Champion. Many fitness fans would be interested in knowing what's on her holiday wish list. Image: CrossFit Games. "width =" 570 "height =" 383 "/>

Katrin Davidsdottir, presented here in competition during Amanda .45, is the 2017 CrossFit champion. Many fitness fans would be interested to know what is on his holiday wish list. Image: CrossFit Games.

Some of these industry-specific celebrities may have approval agreements with your suppliers. So, it might be easier than you think to contact them and ask for their holiday wish list.

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2. Top 10 Topics

The ends give us perspective. By the end of 2017, your company will have the opportunity to revisit the year we have just lived and look forward to the year ahead.

Would that make sense for your business – a top 10 list related to the US President?

Consider publishing your retrospective or predictive content in the form of a top 10 list. Here are some ideas.

  • Kitchen Supply Distributor: "The 10 Best Meals of 2017"
  • An Online Power Tool Store: "10 Construction Projects That Changed the World in 2017"
  • A Bookstore: "10 Ways the Trump Administration Has Changed US Policy in 2017"
  • A fishing supplies company: "The 10 best catches: a summary of the competitive fishery of 2017"
  • Aftermarket auto parts store: "The 10 best American cars of 2017"
  • Female Fashion Retailer: "Top 10 Clothing Trends for 2018"
  • Reseller of movie collection: "The 10 most anticipated films of 2018"

3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the United States on December 15, 2017 could, according to some accounts, bring in over $ 215 million worth of tickets during its weekend of 39; opening. the most successful film of the year.

Popular culture events, such as the release of a new Star Wars movie, give your company the opportunity to comment on the event or how the event intersects with the segment of the industry that you serve.

You can be inspired by the media.

For the content of your Star Wars, choose topics that are relevant to the products your company sells.

Here is a distant example. Imagine that you have an online Catholic bookstore. You could write about Skellig Michael, an island in the west of Ireland.

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Some 32 seconds in the official trailer The Last Jedi we see the island, on which Luke Skywalker was discovered at the end of The Awakens Force on previous movie of Star Wars

 Skellig Michael is used in The Last Jedi, and provides the opportunity to link the film to the products that a store might sell. "Width =" 570 "height =" 395 "/> 

<p class= Skellig Michael is used in The Last Jedi, and gives the opportunity to connect the film to the products that a store could sell.

This film was shot on a remote Irish island called Skellig Michael or Great Skellig. For about 600 years – from the 6th century to the 12th century – the island housed a monastery. Your Catholic bookseller could write about this monastery and its history or even think about how the monastic lifestyle could make sense for Luke Skywalker.

4. Your first video

If your company has not made any video yet, December is the time.

Video marketing is one of the best ways to provide didactic content, which is arguably the most successful form of content marketing.

Here are some examples.

First, look like Michael – a brick-and-click retailer – shows you how to make a bath bomb.

Then, watch this video instructions from the magician Jay Sankey, owner of Shopify's Sankey Magic store.

Now, go make a video. Then share a link in the comments below.

5. Your Christmas Story

Often, content marketing seeks to establish a relationship between your business and your customers. You want to encourage loyalty and your customers want the benefits of having a trusted store.

In December, open up a little and talk about your business. Share a favorite Christmas or holiday story from your founders or key employees.

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Although this example is not specific to Christmas, take a look at Blue Buffalo's story of how the founders started a pet food business. What do you think of the Blue Buffalo brand after watching this video?