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5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Small Business Email Signature

Small business owners have all kinds of tools and marketing stuff at their fingertips. One of the smallest marketing tools you can add to your overall strategy is signing your email.

I am embarrassed to admit that for years I have forgotten my electronic signature and that I have never paid much attention to it. Then I was met with subtle arguments in the signatures of other people and realized that they were on something.

Email Marketing Signature

Here are some simple ways to better market your electronic signature.

Link to your website and social media

It is obvious that you would like to link to your website and social media accounts in your email signature. It's an easy way to lead people to learn more about you and what you do. You may want to even link to a directory page on your website to connect users to the content they are looking for.

It's great for brand awareness and for building credibility. You'd be surprised how many people often click on these links

Link to your blog

Do you have a personal or business blog? Why do not you include it in your electronic signature? The blog is one of the aspects of internet marketing that is constantly updated. It has cool content that creates more value for your audience and can hold their attention longer.

Adding a call to action to your email signature, which invites users to view your latest blog post, could lead to more unique partnerships or even loyal subscribers .

Share recent examples of your work

Are you the author of an interesting book or have you just finished a good product? Share a link to examples of recent work in your email signature. If you are a photographer, you can add a link to your last shoot. If you are an author, you can shout your book.

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Recent media appearances can also be a great way to showcase your work and credibility without even sending you a clear message. I have a friend who invites people to view his interview on the news as part of his electronic signature.

She instantly markets her business and establishes it as an expert in her field.

Do you have a conference or trade show? Add it to your e-signature to educate the people you are communicating with.

Direct Offers

Are you currently making an offer to convert traffic to your site into leads? It's an easy question to answer because you should always launch offers to promote your company's products and services.

Invite people to check your service page on your website or shop at your online store. You can also link to your calendar so people can see you.

This is an easy way to market your services and even align potential customers.

Industrial Research

Data plays a central role in improving your marketing efforts. Given overwhelming information on the Internet, people are looking for details. Are you the author of an authoritative industry report? Why not create a link for this in your email signature or drop some knowledge?

This can be much more effective than sharing a simple motivational quote in your email signature and you can even associate it with your offer.

For example, you can say something like, "X number of small businesses are currently using Facebook ads to increase their profits by $ X per year. Click here to schedule a consultation with me so that you can start doing the same thing. "

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Optimizing your electronic signature is a small but effective tool to add to your overall marketing strategy. It can improve your email spaces, attract more people to your site and social platforms, and even help you book pass sales calls. If you have not done so yet, it is time to take a few minutes to rework your signature to achieve optimal results.

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