5 Essential Social Media Skills for Startup Marketers

Social media marketing is a driving force behind the success of modern startups. It acts as a powerful platform for reaching a wide audience and spreading brand awareness. It is estimated that there are more than two billion social users out there and they are quite eager to interact with brands. Alas, getting noticed, let alone going viral, in a saturated marketing landscape is not easy. This is especially true for organizations working on a shoestring budget. So, to reap the benefits and steer clear of pitfalls, one needs a strong and well-rounded marketing skill set.


The best approach to social media is a strategic one. In other words, startup owners and managers have to work out a solid plan and adhere to it. Haphazard social media activity usually falls short and tweeting what first crosses your mind is a hit-and-miss thing to do at best. Therefore, make sure to create optimal schedules and editorial calendar. Do thorough market research and keep track of contacts. Maintain profiles in an organized manner and set a tone for all your activities and campaigns. This is the only way to achieve consistency and drive measureable results.


To rise above the competition, you have to set yourself apart and speak with a distinctive voice. Nothing turns customers away like posts that are repetitive, generic, and boring. So, do not just emulate what other brands are doing, even if they are killing it with their campaigns. People want to see a spark of creativity at work, something that captures the imagination. And no, creativity is not just some inborn talent. It is a state of mind and constant practice. Moreover, it reflects a readiness to innovate, be truthful, and take risks. Uphold these principles and you will infuse your content with originality and viral allure.

Learning aptitude

Constant learning and fine-tuning are key to long-term success. These processes are deeply rooted in data. The only problem is that startups need to extract relevant information from a vast ocean. To dive in and cut through the noise, you should do your homework. Employ advanced data gathering and analytics tools. Identify influencers, understand online behavior, and recognize trends. Gain deeper insights and perform meticulous analysis. Grasp the big picture, but pay attention to detail as well. If you are yet to acquire the necessary skills, you can rely on social media intelligence agencies to inform your decision-making.

Content curation

This skill revolves around the ability to figure out the best way to go about content marketing. Namely, one has to discover the optimal type of posts, when to share them, and how to pull it off. It goes without saying that these decisions must never be made on a hunch, but in accordance with available facts and figures. For instance, you need to know what time of the day your audience is most active and what type of content (images, articles, videos or infographics) generates most social signals. It is also essential to balance content quality and quantity, with a strong emphasis on the former.


In the social media realm, content is king. Visual posts steal the show more often than not, but writing is still a revered skill for social media marketers. Whether it is a Facebook status, article headline or a tweet, it needs to be well-framed and magnetic. No need to beat around the bush— pulling it off can be difficult. You have to keep in mind your audience, brand strategy, and the broader context. It is also important to present information in digestible chunks. Nobody wants to read overly complex sentences that seem to go on forever. That is not the best way to grab attention and motivate people to click and share.

Ante up

In this day and age, if you are not visible on social media platforms, it is like you do not exist at all. Therefore, establish a strong presence on major hubs. Put your honed skills to good use and you will yield impressive results with limited funds. Take advantage of immense opportunities for customer interaction and engagement. Come up with creative ideas, innovative campaigns, and attention-grabbing posts. Drive web traffic and foster loyalty. Improving in the aforementioned departments will propel you forward, towards your goals in 2018 and beyond.

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