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5 myths about small business to burst

If you are planning to start a small business, but you are not sure how to shoot, you are probably holding back because of the factors you suppose you need to trigger.

It's time to change the state of mind. This article challenges the myths that prevent enterprising individuals from building a small to a larger empire.

You will need a great capital

Not quite. Many multimillionaires started with virtually nothing. Oprah, daughter of a coal miner and maid, wore only cloth dresses of potato, and Steve Jobs had to drop out of school because his adoptive parents could no longer afford the fees of schooling. What they did: combine trust and pragmatism.

Take small steps before resizing the large scale. You can first test a service or product in small batches. The Cape Cod Mapping Company of entrepreneur Bob Adams first asked his potential clients to fund it. With the help of local traders, he set a price of one dollar for each scale card and offered free advertising for each draw. Stability is guaranteed throughout the growth period.

You must be a business graduate with a plan

"Large companies are mainly crowded with graduates in business and this starts with a strategy." Myth. Did you know that Google, Microsoft and other billion-dollar companies have found success without a sawtooth proposal? The alternatives are always in the picture and it is not essential that you walk on a clear and enlightened path.

In truth, the vast market is changing so quickly that new business models can be created while you launch. Large business models are learned on time, and are not based on academic results. The co-founder of Google, Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet, Inc., is a testament. He has a degree in engineering.

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You must have an idea of ​​out-of-box

The idea that unique or original products, services and niches are all that is needed to thrive is a misconception and should be eliminated.

Everyday goods and services are of great value to society and equally necessary in the marketplace. Do the analysis on the current trend. Customer satisfaction and a promising service are key factors in helping your business prosper.

Do not try to get away from the market, it will only crush more finances, time and, unfortunately, failure. Selling clothes online or having a direct delivery business is a good choice. Modernity is the gateway to the future and the Internet is a lucrative field.

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Do not invest in the well-being of employees

There is no doubt that the workforce is the most important resource of any business. A regular business can not work without its employees. Therefore, it is important that entrepreneurs dedicate business resources to maintain the overall well-being of its employees.

Health screening and drug testing done by reliable means can be helpful in keeping employees in good shape. Whether it's sending employees to drug testing centers or providing them with hair screening kits, it's important to quickly eliminate potential health problems. and save time and money.

It takes long hours of toil

A few weeks are enough to launch your idea in your own company. Sometimes the struggle for perfection can cause delays, and the brightest ideas can spark a moment of creativity.

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Once this happens, you are on the right track to make the right profit with time and experience. It's not about what you miss, but what you use.

The book Zero to One authored by PayPal co-founder, Peter Theil, Facebook investor and venture capitalist, and Blake Masters, is a good guide for startups.