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5 reasons not to use the address of your home office

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Some of you might think that it is perfectly acceptable to register your business at a home address and include that address on your marketing and billing material. The fact is that it is the very last thing that you want to do. Even a cheap mailbox can provide a buffer between your business and your personal life.

Consider the hassle of guests coming to your door, interrupting while mowing the lawn, or joining a party with friends. Then there are problems like branding issues, stalkers, mail blends, legal issues and growth issues.

Here are 5 reasons to avoid using your personal address when registering a business, or registering it on official government documents:

1. Branding Problems

A residential address may be suitable for certain industries, but when a customer realizes that you are a home-based business, this may affect how you feel about it. Worse, registering an apartment as a business address can make you look very amateur to customers who are Google or who receive a bill by mail for your services.

As soon as a customer does a search for your business, he will likely receive a Street View photo of your home. A business with an office address will be considered much more established and professional, while a home address may evoke negative impressions such that you are so terrible at what you do, you can not afford a office.

2. Haters, Competitors and Stalkers

Aside from branding issues, think about what happens when a competitor wants to make your life difficult, or that a wacko customer decides that it's not glad of something you did or say – at 2am after drinking 10 mimosas at the bar!

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Do not laugh. The trackers are very real and with your image probably displayed on social media and your business website, a deadly attraction scenario is a very real possibility!

3. Courier

This comes down to the question of mixing personal and business affairs. Consider the mail burden of sending all your personal and business messages in the same mailbox. You will find yourself always answering the door to sign up for FedEx and UPS packages, not to mention product returns if you sell physical products. Not only is it complicated, but it also comes back to branding, because the last thing you want is that customers send a product to exchange or refund it. at "88 Meadowvale Avenue, Apt 208" no?

A mailbox service or virtual office provider will provide an official address that you can use for your business, as well as additional services such as parcel signing and shipping. mail for a reasonable monthly fee. A better idea is to use one or the other service as a dedicated "mail room" where you will strictly handle the mail of customers and other business, rather than letting your home office in documents, envelopes, bubbles and boxes.

4. Legal liability

A good example of a legal problem facing home-based business owners is when you register as an LLC to help isolate your personal responsibilities at home. # 39; company. When you use your home address, the last thing you do is to create a clear legal separation between your personal and professional activities. This is often called "piercing the corporate veil" because it creates a clear link between you, the person and your company.

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Another problem when you run a home-based business in a community that imposes restrictions. All it takes is a curious neighbor or jealous competitor to cause you serious problems with your municipality or homeowners committee. In addition, if you rent a house or apartment, it is highly likely that you will not be able to register a business at this address without violating your rental agreement, which may result in an immediate eviction if you are caught.

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5. The area you live in can restrict clients

A residential address can hinder expansion into new areas, including the international one. If you live in a small town or city that "is not on the map", it may discourage guests and make them feel like you are a local business. After all, a large marketing company operating from a home in Podunk, Illinois is definitely not set up to handle customers in London, UK. Not true?

This is another reason that brings us back to branding, since your site says a lot about your size, your professionalism and your ability to serve a wide range of clients. An office located in an important business district in Chicago, Illinois, would create a much larger and clearer impression of your business in the example of the marketing business in the last paragraph.


The probability is that you do not want to shell out money to rent or buy an office outside. Most companies that run businesses have this problem and are willing to hinder their brand in order to take advantage of cost savings. However, you can rent a mailbox or a virtual office for a fraction of what a real office would cost to establish a Virtual Headquarters while eliminating most of the problems that a home address can create.

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