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5 Steps to Conduct Vacation Sales with Email Marketing

Despite all the glitz and glamor of social media marketing, email marketing remains the best way for businesses to make themselves known. As indicated by Agency Analytics with multiple numbers, email marketing offers a very high return rate, is more secure and users are far more likely to see your emails than a message on social networks . Emails may not be as sexy as Facebook or Snapchat, but they should be the primary way to see how your business sells itself online.

This is especially true with the rising holiday season, as customers will look for the best discounts and can buy from you in one click if you advertise properly. Here are some great basic plans for vacations to boost sales interest and attract interest through email marketing.

What is the purpose?

What is your basic marketing goal? Are you trying to build brand awareness, perhaps by tying your business to the Christmas spirit? Are you promoting Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday discounts? Or do you have another goal, like generating additional leads?

Regardless of the reason, the first step in email marketing as any other facet of marketing is to sit down and understand what you intend to advertise. This is especially important during the holidays, when your business needs to know how early to start advertising.

Some companies may start sending discounts on Black Friday right now, but it's still too early. Two to three weeks from today, it is better. Customers will slowly get used to seeing deals and advertisements during the Black Friday / Thanksgiving Week, but will not be extinguished by a company that skips the gun.

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Professional looking

The worst thing an email marketer can do is spam or appear as spam. Spam is unprofessional and may lose interest, never reach the eyes with spam filters, and is in fact illegal.

Hubspot has a list of 29 tips to avoid this spam filter, but the only thing you really need to know is that your emails should look professional and well designed. A single email that took the time to design submitted once every three days to a week leaves a much clearer impression in the minds of your customers than several emails sent daily. In addition, rely on your e-mail lists created from users who click on your website instead of buying a list filled with uninterested customers.

Offer (Limited) Free Shipping

There are a lot of discounts that your business can offer without credit monitoring, but none attracts customers faster than free and fast shipping. There are always customers waiting until the last second, then slamming frantically looking for a website that allows them to get that gift in two days. And even though e-commerce has become more popular, customers still want an easy and quick way to get their product.

Some e-commerce companies may offer free delivery all year round, but this is usually misguided because of the huge costs that it places on the business. Fast Company points out that even Amazon and Target suffer in part from the costs and the logistical burden of free shipping.

If you can not afford free shipping, even during the holiday season, try to offer a limited discount, for example by offering for a day or offering a free economy delivery . But remember that while free shipping can be expensive, it can be a great tool to attract new customers during the end of the year holidays, which will stay with you throughout the year.

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Reengaging abandoned clients

With so many e-commerce fronts offering deals and discounts, customers will quickly abandon a showcase for trawl for a better deal. But if your customer has left your store with an item still in their shopping cart, you should still try to persuade that customer to come back by email.

Send the first email to customers a few hours after they leave the site, as well as one or two more in the following days. Also consider giving them a discount to persuade them to buy your product or recommend products that complement the item. At least 50 percent of online shopping baskets are dropped before the end of a sale, with Horsepower Marketing claiming that it is 67 percent. This represents a large number of interested customers that a company can not ignore.

Call to Action

You do not want e-mail recipients to simply read the e-mail and forget it two minutes later. You need them to perform additional actions, for example by clicking on an interesting YouTube video or by going directly to the company's website. Email marketing is about engagement, and recipients will be more engaged when they choose to do something.

In addition, make sure the text of the email contains a call for action such as "Please click this button for a 50% discount." A good call to action is simple and concise. little effort.