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5 Tips for Choosing Your Winning Business Domain Name

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I wonder if these big brands had been so successful if they had not chosen to go Google, Sony, Hertz Rent-A-Car, Blackberry or Best Buy ?

Undeniably, the name of your company is the face of your brand. This is the first thing that your audience sees or hears from you, so choosing a company name that catches their eye and evokes their credibility is paramount.

And in our competitive world today, your online name is what matters as much as what happens offline. It is therefore essential to take the time to do your research before choosing the domain name of your company. Consider these five tips to help you find the winner:

  1. Choose your domain BEFORE registering your business

Or do it as soon as possible. Whether you scribble ideas on a briefcase, in the early stages of development or within a year after launching a website, register your domain name and keep it until you are ready.

  1. Being open to all options

Be flexible because you might be surprised at what you find! Rate options such as:

  • Localized (
  • Keyword (
  • Expression (

Try it. You will probably be amazed at what you will create when your creativity begins to flow!

  1. Evaluate your long-term goals

Avoid getting settled. Or think, "Once we're grown up, I'll get the domain name I really want." Take the time now to create a domain name that does not limit you and can evolve as you go as your business grows. seeks to diversify into the future.

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For example, incorporating the state in which you do business is very logical if you want to stay localized, but will it work if you want to expand abroad? Should you promote the main product you are currently selling, while you may have other products or services in the future?

  1. Carefully Choose Your Domain Extension

What is to the right of IS as important as it is to the left. So be aware of the extension of the day. Hey, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be fashionable, so why not focus on creating the point on the left? And then anchor it with a TLD (top-level domain) that has been tested, tested, and trusted, such as a .com or a .net.

  1. Using a Domain Name Suggestion Tool

To overcome a creative block, try a domain name suggestion service such as NameStudio. Fast and easy to use, NameStudio helps you find unique and relevant domain name ideas that help you stand out from the crowd and thrill your target audience.

You can try NameStudio here .

Bottom line : You only have one shot to make a good first impression. And when you're online, it starts with your domain name. So, do not treat it as an afterthought. Spend the time to create a winning domain name that will help build your great brand.

The names of companies, products and services and the logos mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners and are used only for identification purposes. The use of these names and logos does not imply their approval.

About the author

Verisign, a global leader in domain names and Internet security, provides Internet browsing for most of the world's most trusted domain names and provides protection for websites and businesses around the world. Verisign provides the security, stability, and resiliency of key Internet infrastructures and services, including the .com and .net domains and two of the Internet root servers, as well as the root zone maintainer functions for the core of the Internet. Internet Domain Name System (DNS). Verisign's security services include distributed denial of service protection and managed DNS.

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