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5 vacation tips for bitcoin lovers (or how to get your family excited about Bitcoin)

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Market value is not the only reason why digital resources like Bitcoin stand out, but it's certainly an interesting conversation trigger. As you catch up with the family during the holidays, the staggering 2017 price increase of bitcoin will likely be a hot topic. To entertain their curiosity, we have the following vacation tips for your loved ones to be as excited about bitcoin and digital resources as you are.

1. Install them with a free wallet and send them bitcoin

Nothing beats seeing bitcoin in action. Once you have walked Aunt Janet and Cousin Tom by installing and securing their first wallet bitcoin you can send to each of them in a few transactions. test. This will teach them about addresses, transaction fees, confirmations and more.

2. Bring them to a local meeting

Bitcoin meetups attract a diverse crowd, with each participant having their own version of why they love Bitcoin. This face-to-face experience is the perfect opportunity to ask questions, discover new resources bitcoin 101 and make new friends at the same time. Meetup groups also host conferences by big names in the space, which is a great way to imbibe wisdom.

3. Recommend your favorite bitcoin documentaries

Let's face it. We can not all explain the bitcoin with Andreas Antonopoulos at the level of finesse . It's there that a documentary can really help fill in empty spaces. In the past, we shared many of our favorite bitcoin documentaries that collectively cover all your bases, from 101 bases and various community perspectives, to an intensive course in economic history.

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4. Show them what they can buy

Echoing our first trick in seeing bitcoin in action, it never hurts to show what you can buy with it . While some retailers like and Microsoft accept it on a limited basis, others offer wide acceptance of the site (think ) and Jewelers of Reed ).

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5. Even the governments approve

With much misinformation in circulation, your enthusiasm for bitcoin may have met with nervous speculations. Fortunately, the majority of myths are easily debunked and you can point to a growing number of governments around the world that have approved bitcoin as proof of legitimacy.

Whether sipping on eggnog or helping mom cook, we hope you can use these holiday tips to make family members feel as festive as Bitcoin. of the year.

Family members do not have a bitcoin wallet? Tell them that they can register for free at a Blockchain Wallet Here