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5 ways to monetize your magazine online

While conventional publishing has a dark future, many brands are going from print to digital when it comes to publishing their magazines. There are many reasons that give ezines an edge over traditional magazines. By enabling you to reach more people, giving you the opportunity to offer your publication in multiple languages, opening up new sources of revenue, having an online magazine offers many opportunities.

Speaking of "new sources of revenue," there are 5 ways to monetize your online magazine. They are:

1. Poster Advertising

Display advertising is about delivering marketing messages with engaging text, graphics, animations, and videos. Make sure to use rich media and catchy images to catch the attention of your audience. Decide on the size and position of the ad and then create a section on your website called "Advertise with us". This will allow advertisers to contact you.

You can have direct sales, or you can use an intermediary like BuySellAds or Adsense. The good thing about display ads is that they have a high reach and can be accessed by a lot of people, which can help you build brand awareness, monetize success and promote products and services.

2. Aboriginal Advertising

A native ad is essentially an ad that matches the form and purpose of the platform on which it is placed. In this regard, you should use advertisements that blend into the content of your website.

The advantage with native ads is that they are seen almost 52% more than banner ads. Your content should not only match the character of your website, but it should also be educational and entertaining. Do not forget to place a label suggesting that the native ad is a sponsored content.

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3. Applications of digital magazines

Many people are constantly looking for apps to add to their devices. Create your online magazine application and integrate essential features, including support for different formats of formats and presentations, as well as the integration of multimedia content such as animations, gifs and videos, etc. .

It is advisable to offer a premium account that offers benefits to users rather than having a paid application. Find a way to distribute your application in the app stores without paying heavy commissions. Do not forget to ask your readers to rate and rate your application to improve your credibility.

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4. Subscriptions

Make your online magazine a reliable source of quality, educational and entertaining content, and people will be inclined to subscribe to your service. What you need to do is use a subscription template to monetize your magazine online. Start by publishing and set a password that you will give to your subscribers after paying reasonable fees.

Remember that most people like to get a glimpse of what they're paying for, so it is recommended that you offer some free articles from your magazine, after which subscribers can pay to access the rest.

5. Donations

You can also offer engaging, quality content on your free online magazine while asking your readers to donate. One sure way to motivate readers to give is to offer incentives such as shouting at those who make the greatest contributions.

Embed a donation button visible on every page of the site. Make sure you use reliable and convenient payment options such as PayPal and Pateron.

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With the various possible sources of revenue, the online magazine puts you in a win-win situation. On the one hand, you will receive money from advertisers, subscribers, donors and app buyers. On the other hand, you will attract more readers who have the potential to become loyal customers.