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5 Ways to Save Time and Money with Your POS System

5 Ways to Save Time and Money with Your POS System

The purpose of a POS system is to save your business time and money, but retail stores and restaurants that simply buy one without taking any further measures are not fulfilling their system’s full potential. Increasing ROI and improving productivity is an ongoing process, not something that you can achieve all at once.

With that in mind, here are our 5 ways to make the most of your system.

1. Organize your Menus

To make the checkout process faster and easier for your employees, ensure that they can easily access promotions or popular items on the menu screen. Remove old and unused pay screen options to stay organized and reduce confusion. You will be surprised at how much faster your employees will be able to keep the lines moving.

By organizing your menus, you can save time and money on both labor costs and training as well as eliminate costly checkout mistakes.

2. Update your System

An old, outdated system can be buggy and slow or cause problems for your staff, disrupting their workflow. A lot of time is wasted due to frequent problems with your POS and downtime. Consider updating to a new POS that is built to perform for the next several years to keep up with current technology and keep your system running smoothly.

I know of POSQutoe as an expert in this field. And I can always trust them when we talk about recommendations for upgrades and POS peripherals as they become available.

3. Implement Mobile POS

Mobile POS allows you to speed up your service and save time and gives your restaurant or retail store the ability to make more sales in more places. Your staff process payments on the go, split group checks table-side to prevent crowding and utilize cross-selling and up-selling opportunities to increase sales when equipped with mobile devices. This way, restaurant or retail store streamlines its services and increases the number of customers and the general level of customer service.

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This is probably the biggest advantage of using a POS system. A comprehensive POS system can check in-store goods, compare them to goods stored in the warehouse, and help staff tally daily sales. This saves staff time and money and gives more time to deal with actual customer service and sales.

It becomes very easy for the storeowner to track sales and stored goods from anywhere in the world because the POS also manages inventory. Many POS systems are 100% online and authorized staff can access them to order goods, request items to be delivered to the store from the warehouse, contact the vendor, stock the warehouse, and reorder high-demand goods.

A reliable POS system is a truly wonderful addition to any business. POS systems are often underused because store personnel haven’t learned how to operate every part of the POS.

You have to train your staff and update your system regularly to get maximum benefits from the system. However, switching your older billing system to a new POS system can demonstrate immediate advantages to your financial and ecological bottom line.

4. Optimize Labor

You can make sure you have enough employees scheduled to meet customer needs by monitoring labor percentages and peak sales periods with your POS system’s reporting features, but not so many that you are wasting money. You can plan your schedules according to historically busy days, promotional events, or seasonal overflow. You can also use your system to make sure your staff aren’t clocking in early or clocking out late.

According to experts, vendors come up with novel technology and software that makes billing faster. It is a fact that mobile and tablet technology has changed the retail industry dramatically. The improved mobility enables one to bill customers anywhere in the store and it promotes impulse buys and spot purchases. Multinational companies like Burger King and Pizza Hut have already integrated tablet-based billing stations with credit card readers to make the billing process faster.

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Now, it’s also possible for smaller businesses to move to wireless POS systems operated solely through tablets. A small company called Alley 64 managed to cut labor costs by tens of thousands of dollars by streamlining the order process and reducing server errors.

5. Go Green with an Eco-Friendly POS

The switch from a traditional billing system to an environmentally sound technology POS system saves a lot of money. Today, billing systems are streamlined and promote a green environment because they are made with lightweight eco-friendly materials. Modern POS systems also offer eco-friendly POS printers that compress data and reproduce it on smaller-than-normal, eco-friendly paper sheets.

Printing is also available on demand. Customers can decline small bills to reduce paper waste. Retailers are also providing signature capture pads that can validate transactions. The company then mails bills or receipts to the customer’s email ID. Another interesting aspect is the use of rechargeable gift cards. Companies can collect old gift cards, clear them, and recharge them instead of having new cards printed.

Going green can pave the way for significant savings over time even though you may not notice a change right away. Your POS vendor can offer several POS peripherals that will make it possible for you to cut out unnecessary printing costs and paper waste, which can definitely add up.

For example, bump bars and kitchen display systems allow restaurant employees to see orders on a digital screen, doing away with the need to print order tickets to the kitchen area.

For both retail stores and restaurants, reloadable gift cards will help save resources over time. Many modern POS software encourage customer loyalty and offer gift card programs that allow reloadable cards.

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Final Thoughts

POS systems are indispensible to the retail and restaurant industry today. Finding the most suitable one for your needs can save you a large amount of cash as well. Still, many diners continue to use their system and software for basic needs without prospecting their options. By using the tips we’ve provided in this article, you’ll find your POS system can save time and money.