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50 small business export ideas

Small businesses make up almost all of the US export market. And international consumer markets like China's growing middle class offer many opportunities for even more small businesses to enter the game of exporting.

Small Business Export Ideas

If you want to start a business that exports products to other markets around the world, check out these 50 small business export ideas.

Vehicle Exports

The auto industry in the United States makes it a great place to target an exporting company. You can work with manufacturers or even export used vehicles.

Exports of automotive parts

You could also focus your efforts on smaller products in the automotive niche, such as parts and tools.

Computer Exports

Computers and similar technologies are also popular in markets around the world. So you can start an export business that focuses on computer parts and similar hardware.

Exports of smartphones

Or you could focus on smartphones and second-hand mobile technology products.

Exports of technical accessories

There is also a huge assortment of technical accessories for smartphones and computers that you can export from the United States.

Exports of clothing

There is not a ton of clothing manufacturing in the United States compared to other countries. But you can still create a company that exports clothes from some American designers or even independent artisans.

Exports of cosmetics

You can also start a business that exports beauty products such as cosmetics, hair care and skin care products.

Cotton Exports

Cotton is a popular export for American companies. You can ship the raw material to manufacturers in other countries that manufacture clothing and textiles.

Art Exports

You can also create a company that focuses on exporting works of art to collectors around the world.

Collection Exports

There are also a number of other niches that are popular with collectors around the world. So you can start a business with a very specific range of collectibles that you ship to these collectors.

Exports of leather goods

Leather goods are also popular in markets around the world, creating great opportunities for exports.

Exports of Lumber

You can also start a business that exports raw wood to companies that make furniture and similar products.

Paper exports

Or you can process this material further and ship raw paper materials to companies that use it in various manufacturing processes.

Exports of domestic articles

For those who want to ship products to real consumers or retailers who sell to consumers, you could sell home decorations or household items.

Producing exports

Agricultural or agricultural enterprises can develop by exporting their products to various markets abroad.

Meat Exports

Beef and other meat products from United States farmers are also popular in markets around the world, such as China.

Seafood Exports

If you have a fishing business, you can also export these products to markets around the world that do not have access to the same types of seafood.

Rice exports

The United States recently concluded an agreement to export rice products to China. This is therefore another viable opportunity for US food companies.

Livestock Exports

For companies that have the logistical capacity to transport animals, you can export livestock to other countries in North America.

Animal Feed Exports

Animal feed is another potential area for agricultural and food businesses.

Packaged food and beverage exports

You can also package and label food products and then sell them directly to consumers or retailers in other countries.

Pharmaceutical Exports

Although there are many obstacles to overcome when exporting pharmaceutical products, you can work with pharmaceutical companies to organize the export of various pharmaceuticals to medical providers in from other countries.

Exports of metals

Various metals can also be popular with manufacturers and other types of companies around the world.

Exports of gems

Or you could focus on a smaller niche and export jewels to jewelers and similar businesses in other countries.

Exports of machinery

Machinery and plant equipment are another popular category for US exporters.

Exports of Transportation Equipment

You can also focus on equipment for transportation companies such as aviation parts or equipment for railway systems.

Exports of Chemicals

Organic chemicals can also be popular with various organizations around the world.

Exports of medical equipment

Or you could focus on providing medical equipment to facilities in other countries.

Exports of Electrical Equipment

You can also create a company that exports electrical equipment to builders and businesses.

Coal Exports

Coal is still used by many outlets as a source of energy. You can export the material to these outlets.

Plastic Exports

You can also export raw plastic material to manufacturers who use the material in various products.

Exports of Environmental Technology

Or you can provide products or even services to companies who want equipment and expertise to improve their environmental initiatives.

Exports of handicrafts

Handmade products have become increasingly popular in markets around the world. So you can export your own craft products or even organize exports for other craft businesses.

Exports of second-hand goods

You can also focus on selling various products occasionally or occasionally to consumers in other countries.

Exports of software services

If you have the ability to create software or cloud services, you can focus on selling these products or services to users in other countries.

Exports of Financial Services

It is also possible to create a business around financial services that focuses on markets outside the United States.

Exports of business services

Or you could provide services to other companies and focus on working with companies from other countries.

Exports of information services

The information service, in the same way as computer expertise or consulting, can also offer great business opportunities. And you can easily work with clients outside the United States either by traveling or communicating primarily online.

Training Exports

You could also create a company focused on training workers and companies from other countries.

Entertainment Exports

Since American entertainment like music and movies tend to be popular in other countries, you can create an export business that brings these items to international consumers.

Construction Exports

You can also create a construction company that provides services in international markets.

Technical exports

Similarly, you can create an engineering company in which you work with companies and organizations around the world.

Execution of an Export Warehouse

You can also consider creating a warehousing business where you store and organize the export of various products for other companies.

Dropshipping Service

Or you can create a more global service for ecommerce businesses by working as a dropshipping provider that covers all shipping and logistics activities for e-commerce businesses.

Export Brokerage Office

You could also start a business where you serve as a sales representative to help other small businesses manage their exports.

Customs office

Or you could focus more specifically on assisting exporters with regard to problems related to the forwarding of items to customs.

Export Consultant

It is also possible to set up a consulting firm that helps other companies to start exporting.

Execution of an Export Directory

You can also create a company that lists various exporters in a directory format to help importers looking for specific products or services.

Marketing Service to Export

For experienced marketers, you could start a marketing company that helps exporters market their products to their target customers outside of the United States.

Export Insurance Service

There are also a lot of insurance considerations for companies that export. So you can create an agency that helps these companies get the insurance they need to protect their assets.

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