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6 signs that you need a new business telephone system

Does your company's phone system help you succeed or stay?

A powerful communication system is the bridge between you and the successful customer interactions. Even the most innovative companies can not succeed if their phone system is not up to date. An outdated system can cost you prospects, frustrate your team members, and eat away at your finances.

Fortunately, there are now many feature-rich and affordable phone systems to choose from. No matter what industry you are in, or the size and scope of your operation, there is a system for you. There is no reason to pay too much for a system that hinders your success.

What is the right moment to make the change? Here are six signs that it's time to upgrade your business phone system:

1. You pay too much

You are less than satisfied with your monthly phone bill. It may seem that you see your supplier's maintenance team more than you see your own family, and these maintenance costs add up quickly. Hidden fees appear at the bottom of your bill more than you want. Perhaps you have dealt with the constraints of a two-year contract with a supplier.

If any of these situations apply to you, you need a new system. Modern virtual telephony systems like Tresta work without a contract. This means that you can adjust or cancel your service at any time. In addition, Tresta focuses on transparent billing practices with no hidden fees; surprise charges and confused bills are a thing of the past.

2. Your system is a chore to use

Is your current system complicated, frustrating or worse: obsolete? Older telephone systems do not have the user-friendly interfaces of current systems. This frustrates the members of your team who use the system every day and creates unhappy calls that spend too long waiting before reaching the person they need. All the time you have spent recruiting and training talented service reps is wasted if your audience hangs up before you get the chance to talk to them.

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A system with a bad user experience discourages your callers and, ultimately, costs you a business. It's not worth the shot. Virtual telephone systems are designed to be easy to use. they work on any device, even smartphones and tablets that you and your team already own. This means that there is no unknown material to get used to it.

The appellant's experience is also improved in modern telephone systems. Personalized greetings guide callers through simple routing instructions, minimizing wait times and ensuring that each caller is heard. Your customers will appreciate a stress free phone call more than you think and chances are, they will spread the word.

3. Your business is growing

Your business is growing and needs more phone lines for new members of the team. You could be one of the thousands of employers to embrace the remote workplace, empowering your team to work from anywhere and appealing to talented people from across the country.

If your growth exceeds the capacity of your phone system, it's simply no longer a viable solution. Newer systems make it easy to add phone lines and users as you grow without maximum capacity. Your phone system should facilitate growth and expansion, not more difficult.

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4. You are constantly away from the office

When you leave the office, do your business calls go with you? If your phone system does not work on all your devices, you may need to share your personal number to make sure you can be contacted from anywhere. And you probably shared this phone number with more people than you are comfortable with.

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Virtual telephone systems simplify your life by linking your business number to the device of your choice. You are never out of reach of business contacts, unless of course you want to be. Not to mention that your personal and commercial numbers remain separate.

5. Missing modern features

If your business uses an obsolete phone system, you may be surprised by all the powerful new features you miss.

Can your current system send your voicemail messages and call recordings in your email? Can you download them and share them with the team members? Can it store these messages with unlimited cloud storage? Does your current system have an application specifically designed for your mobile devices?

If you miss these features and find them useful, it may be time to explore your options. These features allow you to elevate your telecommunications from a desk phone to a multi-faceted platform that will make life easier for you, your team and your customers.

6. You … do not have a professional telephone system

If your business is based outside your home, you might think that you have no use for a telephone system. They belong to office buildings from a decade ago, not to your home work paradise. They are absolutely too expensive. It is useless. Not true?

Bad! Even though your business communications only occur on your smartphone, you can enjoy the benefits of a virtual phone system. As mentioned before, a business phone number that is separate from your personal number will make your life easier and give your business a more professional and professional look. This, plus call recording, voicemail to email, and a convenient mobile app make working from home easier than ever before. All with affordable and transparent prices, totally free of contracts.

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It is not too late!

Signs of a bad situation have a way of getting painfully clear in hindsight when it is too late. Do not let this be the case with your business phone system.

If you are not satisfied with your current service, identify the reasons and plan to upgrade to a modern business phone system. This could be the change your business needs.