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6 Technological Gadgets to Make Life Easier at the University

At the university, technology products can help students stay in shape, stay organized, and stay connected. # 39; s fun.

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Here are six gadgets that can make your life easier in college.

1. The Fitbit Charge 2 – $ 129.99

Staying fit at the university can be difficult – especially with this busy schedule. But wearing a Fitbit or another fitness tracker can make training a little more fun and meaningful.

With a Fitbit, you can challenge your roommates to see who's doing the most and hold weekly competitions to see who's traveling the most on campus. It is also good to keep track of your heart rate and the calories you burn when you go to the gym. The Fitbit app will also allow you to track your weight, sleep and other statistics to help you stay healthy and away from the first year 15.

Fitbit Charge 2 also has many other functions besides just monitoring your health. The tracker also behaves like a smart watch, which lets you know when you have lessons and know when you have a call alert, text or calendar.

2. Mini Portable Charger – $ 14.99

Students are always on the move – just like their phones. Stop being that person who always wears his phone charger or who constantly complains of the death of his phone. Install one of these mini chargers in your bag to keep your phone charged and ready to call an Uber all night long.

This Anker mini portable charger available on Amazon will add an extra charge to your phone. It takes about 2 to 5 hours to charge, so be sure to charge it at night next to your phone.

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3. WD 1TB Portable Hard Drive – $ 60.61

Having a portable hard drive can be a lifesaver, especially if you're a movie, journalism, graphic design or major photography and have a Mac. This portable hard drive is like a USB drive, except that it can hold a lot more storage. This WD drive can hold up to 1TB and will prevent your computer from being slowed down by all your files.

This WD drive is also password protected, so no one else can recover the data stored on the computer. This makes it a reliable travel companion for anyone studying or traveling abroad and wants to back up files in case the computer is stolen.

Find the WD drive on for $ 60.61. Amazon also has a plethora of other portable hard drives with even larger storage capabilities.

4. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – $ 21.95

Improvised parties at home? All you need are red Solo mugs and this wireless speaker. This ZOEE speaker also has an FM radio in case you want to get things moving from your Spotify mix.

Get this speaker on the Amazon website. There is also a full range of cheaper and more expensive speakers to meet your DJing needs.

5. Vaultskin ETON Armor Phone Case – $ 15.99

This is a very technical article with a very important goal: to keep your life together. When you go out for a party or bar, do you really want to carry a purse or wallet that could be stolen or lost? No, you do not do it. That's why it's so useful to have a phone case that also serves as a wallet.

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With this Vaultskin phone case you can hold up to eight cards in the magnetic pocket and two cards, a key or money in the front pocket.

6. Macbook Air – $ 999

This computer will probably cost you close to a thousand dollars, but if you are looking to buy a new computer, the Macbook Air may be for you. It is lightweight and easy to use, and although some people may try to buy a tablet, it is so much easier to have a keyboard attached to the screen.

The Macbook Air is an incredibly fast and powerful laptop packaged in a small body that weighs only a few pounds, making it the computer of choice for thousands of students across the country. Many prefer the IOS operating system to a Windows computer, especially for graphic design and editing video or photo, but that's up to you to decide.

A huge setback with the Air, however, is its low storage capacity. Consider buying an external hard drive and improve the storage of the Air. Also consider buying refurbished – it can save you a ton of money.

Kellie Bancalari is a student at George Washington University and a digital producer at USA TODAY College.