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6 Things to Do to Reduce the Money You Spend on Air Conditioner Repairs

6 Things to Do to Reduce the Money You Spend on Air Conditioner Repairs

Home is one of the essential things in humans’ life. Been a rented home or an owned house, there is nothing as good as having a place to relax inside when the temperature is hot outside. A home is more enjoyable during the summer when you have an air conditioning system that produces cool air that makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenate your body system. It is good to always have a properly working AC unit or have the air conditioner repairs done as soon as possible.

Thus, once your AC stops working correctly, you will be denied that relaxation you are enjoying and tempers can flare up more than the thermometer. Waiting for it to be repaired can be so disheartening. Guess what, we have some proven steps for you to take in order to keep your air conditioner in good shape and reduce the money you spend on air conditioner repairs.

Ensure that the Ducts are well Sealed

Now that you are staying at home to keep your family safer and healthier due to the global pandemic, you will notice more things than usual. You’ll be using your air conditioning unit often these days when it gets hot compare to those times when you’ll be at work and kids in school.

Your air conditioning system has many components; including the outdoor unit, indoor unit, vents, and a ductwork system. Thus, the lesser they work, the better they run and the longer it will last; and vise-versa. You can google what AC ducts look like if you have no idea about it. However, if you are not sure whether all the ductwork is sealed correctly, create time to walk through your home to know any rooms that are warmer than another.

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Here are some things to watch out for to know that your ductwork is leaking. If you know notice high utility bills than usual except you have recently used excess energy. When ducts are not properly sealed, it means that your AC is spouting cooled or heated air into your attic, basement or other unwanted places and needs more energy to cool the home properly. To detect leaks, therefore, look for places that have obviously tear, check the duct joints, turn the HVAC system on full blast to find the air duct leaks and seal it up when found to prevent further damage.

Ensure that your home is well insulated

Poorly insulated homes can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Investing in insulation can make a huge difference. You can contact an HVAC expert you know for help during these periods to check the insulation level if you have not done it recently. Moreover, you can have insulation installed in the attic to keep the temperature throughout the house to enjoy your home comfortable during this season.

Don’t Stop HVAC Maintenance

We all know that regular HVAC maintenance can alert us about some issues before they become big ones. Have you got your air conditioning checked recently? If not, ensure that it’s done. Some HVAC contractors are still available for work once they are sanitized, so you can call your contractor or find one around you.

Let them inspect the amount of refrigerant, check for leaks, and how well the electric coil is working. They can also check the terminals, clean them and tighten it properly. Let your air conditioning repairer replace any belts or other components that need changes due to wear and tear.

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Don’t do More than You Know

An air conditioner system is a complex machine, if you observe any strange thing about your air conditioner system, don’t jump to opening it to check if you can do it by yourself. Let your HVAC expert be the first person to know about it. Also, don’t let “anyhow person” that doesn’t have experience in air conditioner repair open up your AC to check what is wrong with it. Leave the work for professionals HVAC contractors to do. Things that you can do are minor maintenance of exterior elements that you can see.

Things like; cleaning the exterior AC condenser unit to set it free clear of obstructions to allow air to flow through the system properly in order to reduce stress and keep it in good work condition. If your AC is blowing hot air or not turning on, it may be a thermostat issue, therefore, check if it has power and set it.

Change the Air Filter Based on Instruction Given

A bad air filter can cause some issues with your air conditioner. A blocked air filter can cause a reduction in the air coming through the registers or may not even allow the system to turn on. Filters are usually changed once a quarter but some are annually or even monthly. However, if you can change the old filter properly and make it fits in the filter compartment correctly, call your HVAC contractor for help. – don’t let the filter collapsed into the air handler.

Always remember that uncleaned filter will circulate unclean air into your home and can as well cause frozen AC coils or overworked fan motors. These are some simple air conditioner repairs that you can fix.

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Don’t Be Caught Unaware

It is true that nothing lasts forever. Don’t expect your air conditioning system to stay forever. Averagely, AC can last for 10 -12years and function well. Prepare yourself to have your air conditioning system replacement or updated before it turns to a money licker. Once your AC system requires frequent repair plan to get the latest version. Contact your HVAC contractor for a recommendation when choosing the best type of air conditioner.


The heating and cooling system is part of our life and the need for air conditioner repairs is inevitable but can be managed. Don’t allow your air conditioning system to disturb the comfortable home you deserve and don’t wait until the system gets damaged before you maintain it. You can do many months without the need for repair if you follow the above-given tips. Do every necessary minor repair to increase the lifespan of your Air conditioning system and don’t do more than what you can handle. Contact your local contractor around you for things that are beyond your control.