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7 Classic Marketing Tools for Acquiring New Customers

Acquiring new customers is invaluable during the early stages of a business. Even the critically acclaimed AARRR framework startup metrics model, which helps companies achieve higher levels of success, puts acquisition at the beginning of your path to success.

While new customers are an essential component for any business, consumers are now more sophisticated with a plethora of choices. They expect companies to understand their expectations and provide value. As a result, searches are constantly being conducted looking for new and prolific tools for customer acquisition. Here are the seven best tools:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps marketers draw conclusions from traffic generated from a variety of sources. It provides a baseline for analyzing customer trends in real time to facilitate the process of acquiring new customers.

Its three basic stages are:

  • Collection of information about customers in relation to the company;
  • Build a 360-degree view of customer preferences; and,
  • Classification of sources according to the purchasing behavior.

Using the data collected above, startups can deploy Google Analytics Advanced Segment to help them achieve their segment " New to my site ". Here, there is a lot of potential for acquiring new customers. This is an easy way to get new customers for your startup.


MoonClerk discusses payment solutions (recurring payments, in particular) on an e-commerce platform. He uses Stripe for payment processing and the configuration takes a few minutes. In the end, companies will be able to accept payments online.

The highlights of MoonClerk are:

  • Extensive integration options to leverage social media with existing applications;
  • Custom mark; Customized options for shipping costs, coupons, validation of test periods, among others;
  • Processing of payment processing data, such as email identifiers, that can be used for future marketing efforts; and,
  • Hosting custom web pages for small businesses.
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Live chat software for online businesses of all sizes. This is a new age media where sellers or service providers can speak directly to their customers using a dialog box. These conversations usually include preliminary discussions; but, hopefully, may include customer acquisitions. Many customers prefer live chats when they ask questions related to the purchase.

Tagove's live chat is one of the most successful live chat options because:

  • It helps companies provide a faster answer.
  • This is a medium where customers can get a deep service potential;
  • It maintains a record of customer interaction; and,
  • It allows businesses to provide quick answers to customers, rather than asking them to read long FAQs.

Most customers prefer to discuss before buying a product. Therefore, Tagove can spread many options to increase conversion rates, thus ensuring the acquisition of customers.


Email marketing is an established and proven channel for a long time to reach audience engagement and increase conversion rates. That's why it's always a major concern for any business that chooses to market online. With this in mind, an important name comes to mind-MailChimp. It:

  • Provides brilliant ways to create actionable marketing emails for customers;
  • Helps to create desirable subject lines and to choose the right language for the segment; and,
  • Derives various discoveries of campaigns, such as openings, CTRs, advances, etc.

Tt renders voluminous analytical data, which makes it possible to follow the viability and success of each email campaign. This helps plan for strategic marketing attempts, which increases the chances of attracting new customers and improving your clickthrough rate.

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Optimizely is a freemium that works well with novices because it establishes effective A / B testing to help you get the most out of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

The ideal use of this tool is when companies have two versions of the same page appear on their website and no idea which of the two versions will generate more leads. Optimizely allows simultaneous executions of both versions, then determines which one is most effective. He is very good at understanding by analyzing the points of contact with customers and offering them the best possible experience.

Based on the results, the company can deploy the best choices, which increases the conversion rates. More customers preferring your website will gradually lead to more customer acquisition for your business.


Qualaroo allows you to explore the needs of your visitors using a process based on questions. He asks questions and, based on the previous answers, retrieves the results. It also helps to gather additional data on existing customers, which boosts customer acquisition and retention.

Satisfying customer needs is the key to business success; which makes it necessary to understand the existing and potential customer desires. Qualaroo captures this information by asking specific customer questions. By reaching the comfort zone of a customer, he exchanges products according to need, resulting in the acquisition and retention of customers.


Every industry is now guided by technology. This leads to the ramping up of tools such as LeadCrunch, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate the hottest leads. It has the potential to completely change the way customers are acquired.

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The biggest disadvantage of companies has always been not knowing if customers were really interested in the products offered. The only solution was to speak with them in person, which takes a lot of time. LeadCrunch provides customers interested in specific products. The rise of big data allows businesses to use this information to create more accurate impressions of the perfect customer.


The acquisition of customers is the most important aspect of a startup. Although there are thousands of good products / services; most companies will never acquire more than a few people.

Never hesitate to use the tools referenced above during the competition for the short time of attention of the customers. This, we hope, will be useful for standardizing businesses in a unique way.