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7 Steps to Improve Heart Health While Developing Your Business

Work-related stress increases the risk of heart problems. Researchers at University College London have associated work-related stress with a 23% increase in the risk of heart attack. And Harvard researchers say that women whose work is very stressful have an increased risk of heart disease by 40 percent compared to their less stressed colleagues, including the risk of heart attack.

If you have a demanding job that may actually include most small business owners, it is in your best interests to take steps to manage the stress and prevent the heart risks that your job causes.

Ways to Reduce Health Risks Related to the Heart at Work

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you should not allow your health to suffer because of the demands of your job. CDC recognizes the dangers of work-related stress and recommends certain healthy behaviors to combat the risk of heart problems:

1. Stop smoking

Not smoking is one of the most important ways that the CDC identifies to prevent heart disease and lung cancer. Stop smoking and use other forms of tobacco to prevent heart problems.

2. Limiting the consumption of alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol is bad for your heart and your productivity. Reduce or limit your use of alcohol to stay healthy.

3. Limited salt intake

Too much salt (sodium) in your diet can cause high blood pressure, which can lead to heart problems. Limit salt intake to ensure normal blood pressure.

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4. Limit sugar intake

Likewise, too much sugar in your diet can increase your blood sugar, which can lead to heart problems. Limit your sugar intake to prevent or control heart disease.

5. Limiting cholesterol intake

Eating foods high in cholesterol, saturated fat and trans fats increases the risk of heart problems. Eat high fiber foods instead to prevent high cholesterol and avoid heart problems.

6. Maintaining a healthy weight

Lack of sleep is cited as one of the reasons why people sometimes become overweight and end up feeling tired and grumpy all the time at work. If you lose enough sleep, you might be too tired to look for healthy eating options like fresh fruits and vegetables or exercise. Make sure that one of your strategies for maintaining a healthy weight gets enough sleep every night, at least 6 to 9 hours of shuteye.

7. Stay physically active

Engaging in physical activities such as jogging, cycling, or walking is another factor identified as essential for preventing obesity, heart disease, and helping to improve physical activity. productivity.

The CDC notes that most Americans engage in two or three of these healthy behaviors, but only a handful does all seven. It's important that you and your team adopt the seven habits to stay in good shape. Health at work.

More tips for a healthy heart at work

Dr. Steven Gundry, a heart surgeon based in Palm Springs, CA, a medical innovator, and the spirit behind Gundry MD, offers additional tips to improve your workday from harmful to healthy. From the type of food you eat to how long you look at a computer screen, his tips provide effective ways to stay healthy at work.

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Take a look at Dr. Gundy's tips in this detailed infographic below.

Image: Dr.Gundy