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8 best airlines for your business trip, your absolute must-see guide

If you are looking for a relaxing flight offering good amenities and a comfortable experience without the exorbitant fees of a first class ticket, it makes sense to travel in business class.

With pre-flight drinks, meals served with knives and forks and fully flat seats, traveling in business class means you can enjoy a comfortable flight and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready from

The best business class airlines

If you think about the airline that offers the best value for money to business travelers, take a look at the best business class airlines that travel today.

American Airlines

American Airlines offers business class customers what the company considers to be the largest business class seats of an airline in the United States. The seats are a whopping 27.7 inches wide and 79 inches long when tilted to a flat position.

The airline also provides business class customers with 18-inch entertainment screens. These screens are loaded with AC and USB plugs, as well as 300 movies, which means you want to spend the flight productively on your laptop or relax and watch the latest blockbuster, you can do it comfortably in business class flying with American Airlines.

Business class tickets with their five-star service are available on American Airlines' shorter international flights, less than 3,000 miles away.


In 2016, Delta announced the creation of the first "business class suites" in the industry. This means that if you yearn for privacy and solitude during a business class flight, you can enjoy a seat that is fully closed – with its own door!

You can also enjoy a high-resolution 18-inch screen on a Delta flight, with a USB port and a universal power outlet for each seat. With luxury bedding and sleep suites on some transpacific flights, you can enjoy some precious in a Delta business class cabin.

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Delta Business Class flights – aka Delta One – are also available on international long-haul flights and on some long-haul domestic flights.

Qatar Airlines

Qatar Airlines business class guests can enjoy fully flat beds. The main feature of the airline is its 180-degree flat seats with footrests, 8-seat massage settings and integrated power supply, which means you'll arrive at your fully revitalized and relaxed destination.

Qatar also offers in-flight touch-screen entertainment on 15.4-inch monitors. Business travelers can also take advantage of the free a la carte or à la carte menu. Business class flights from Qatar are offered at competitive rates.


You can lie back and relax during business class flights with United, which are available between the United States and Latin America or the Caribbean. Wave goodbye to queuing at the airport. With United, you can navigate the airports with Premier Access benefits.

On board, you can relax by heading to your business destination in a comfortable leather chair with a six-way adjustable headrest and cushion. padded articulated seat. United Business Class flights also offer a tablet or laptop slot and a foldable mobile device holder. A universal power outlet is also available to charge your devices during the flight.

You can also stay connected while traveling on United with Wi-Fi available for purchase on most flights.

British Airways

British Airways business class flights, known as Club World, allow business travelers to fly as if you were taking "your own private jet". Direct flights between JFK New York and London City Airport have 32 spacious seats with fully flat beds.

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These long-haul flights offer on-board mobile data connectivity and pre-clearance of US immigration on flights to New York, which means you do not have to waste time valuable to pass the control of immigration to the airport.

On British Airways Club World flights, you can also enjoy your own personal iPad, with the latest movies and TV programs. British, European and US plugs for laptops and other devices are also provided on British Airways business class flights.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines offers comfortable business class options on a number of long-haul international flights. The airline's new business class seats offer two seats designed for maximum comfort. The lazy Z position assures you a central and balanced position, while the position of the "Sundeck" is ideal for lounging and stretching.

You can also change the seat into a fully flat bed with a padded headboard for much needed sleep on your business flight. The devices can be used and billed on Singapore Airlines' business flights with eXport, HDMI and USB ports. You can book your meal up to 24 hours before your flight to make sure you are well fed when you arrive at this important business meeting.


With access to the lounge, priority boarding at the airport, the increase of free luggage and exclusive meals on board, the choice of a Lufthansa flight in Business class will ensure you a rest and relaxation at your destination.

Business class passengers can enjoy high quality cuisine, recommended by the best chefs on board a Lufthansa business class flight. A variety of entertainment is also available during the flight to help you relax and reach your refreshed destination.

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Business class flights are available on short, short and medium-haul routes and long-distance routes on Lufthansa.


With a modern A380 Onboard Lounge, you can even network and do business on an Emirates business class flight. Alternatively, if you want to relax or spend the flight productively on the job, you can sit in a relaxing seat with LED mood lighting.

The 78 – inch length Emirates business seats are inspired by the seats of modern sports cars, creating an inspiring environment to relax, work or play when you 're out. an Emirates flight in business class. With the power supply in place of your laptop or other devices, you can send emails, update spreadsheets or write your presentation during an ultra business class flight -comfortable with Emirates.

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