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8 Best Virtual Office Locations in the World

One of the most delicate things about setting up a virtual office is to choose the actual location. In some cases, you could be a small or medium sized local business owner who knows exactly where they need to set up an office. After all, if you and your clients are local, you must be located in a location that provides easy physical access to you and your clients.

For all the drummers of the world, you know that it is of vital importance to set up operations in a place that lets customers and competitors know that you are an international brand with which it is necessary to count. A virtual office provides you with all the amenities you need: conference rooms, office space, printer / fax, virtual receptionist, quick access to cafes and restaurants, and a legitimate mailing address to register your business and receive letters to.

Best of all, you can physically live in a place that imposes minimum trade taxes, such as Canada, Southeast Asia or the Middle East – etcetera – while enjoying the added prestige to your brand when you have offices in major business centers located in popular business centers in Europe and Asia.

Here are the 8 best places in the world that you should consider when creating an account at a virtual office provider.

1. Hong Kong, China

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<p> Hong Kong is, and could always be, the most expensive and desirable city in the world for doing business. International companies in all major industries want to do business here because cheap labor and high IQs are available on every street corner. As a location for a virtual office, you will not find a place with more prestige. The establishment of virtual roots here indicates to your customers and to your competitors that you are a leading business leader, that is certain. </p>
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Traditional office rental rates are so high here. Before the virtual space was a reality (pun intended), only the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley and other big heavyweights could even dream of getting it. install here. Commercial office space is well over $ 2,000 per square meter and will continue to grow as demand grows and space becomes available in the country.

2. Paris, France

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<p> Paris is an important world cultural center where fashion, romance and spectacular French cuisine are at the top of the list of things that draw people here. It's also a popular place for businesses to set up operations. Paris hosts many billionaire companies in the fields of insurance and financial services, and companies in the service industry in general. </p>
<p> Being so popular, office space is at a certain premium with the cost per square meter to rent ranging from $ 1,100 to $ 1,500 USD for a modest base of operations. The significantly lower cost of a virtual office makes Paris a real reality for your business. </p>
<h2> 3. London, England </h2>
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London alone accounts for about 20% of the British economy. It is home to hundreds of foreign banking institutions and other heavy financial companies. The fashion and food industry also continues to thrive. The UK's capital also has the highest number of visitors to any city in the world on an annual basis.

Really a dream place to set up an office, rental fees usually start around $ 1000 per sqm / sqm on the low end. Setting up a virtual office space can be finalized for much less, leaving your customers impressed by the success you have undoubtedly achieved in your business.

4. Moscow, Russia

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<p> Moscow is a thriving commercial metropolis. As they pursue their second decade of socialist freedom, international companies continue to expand and base their operations abroad. Business development is a key motivator for the Russian government and its citizens, and the city is the ideal center for companies looking to do business in Central and Eastern Europe and China. </p>
<p> With office space starting at $ 900 per square meter for rent, cost can be an important factor when it comes to creating international roots in this thriving city. Choosing to move to Moscow via virtual real estate is a great way to elevate your brand without breaking the budget. </p>
<h2> 5. Singapore, Southeast Asia </h2>
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This sovereign city has been at the top of the list of Asian cities to do business for years. It is considered a gateway to the Chinese markets, and truly a modern show when it comes to incredible architecture and cultural diversity. Singapore is a great option for any company looking to establish abroad, but that is particularly attractive for financial services companies and shipping.

Like all top destinations, rent is anything but cheap here if you want to do traditional things and rent exclusive office space. Rental costs average around $ 850 per square meter and can go much higher. On the other hand, the virtual office space is affordable, even for less powerful startups.

6. Beijing, China

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<p class= photo credit: Trey Ratcliff / Flickr

China is a commercial superpower, especially with regard to technological development, construction, mining, the automobile and agriculture. It is one of the most populous cities in the world, creating a melting pot of local and international talent. Whether you are looking to build relationships in this business atmosphere highly influenced by politics or just want to gain a foothold in the Far East, Beijing is a great place to set up a virtual office.

Due to the fact that countless companies want to settle in and do business here, rental rates are fast approaching those of Paris, ranging from $ 800 per square meter for a cabin sized office – much more for the space you can stretch your legs. Obviously, a virtual office can be nailed for (a lot) less!

7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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<p> Dubai is one of the few Middle Eastern cities to be very lax in terms of immigration and international trade. The city is considered the hub of Middle Mastern and African affairs, and the spectacular skyline (including the famous Burj Khalifa) leaves nothing to the imagination about Dubai being a place where serious business is done. This place is a great option for any growing international business, but is more popular among some service and industrial goods companies. </p>
<p> Although it's not too expensive to rent space here, the average of $ 500 per m2 can be a challenge if you rent office space, which makes rental of virtual offices a great option to save money. value of your brand. </p>
<h2> 8. Madrid, Spain </h2>
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Ready to find the virtual office space you've always dreamed of?

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