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8 Simple Ways to Use a Blog to Improve SEO Results

Apparently, every company has a blog these days. Unfortunately, very few organizations fully capitalize on the content of their blog to maximize SEO results. Here are eight simple ways a blog can improve the visibility, traffic and results of your website.

1. Create a compelling name for your blog

It irritates me when I go to the site of a company and the name of the blog is … "Blog"! I urge marketers to be creative and more descriptive when they name the blog section of a website. The name of your blog is also an opportunity for optimization. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the main theme of the blog?
  • What would be a convincing description in my industry?
  • Can I incorporate important SEO keywords into the title or name of the blog?
  • More specifically, who am I trying to reach?

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