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8 Things a Virtual Receptionist Can Do for Your Business

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A virtual receptionist is not a computerized voice answering your calls from a server halfway around the world. Virtual employees are real people. They simply have the freedom to work where they want, while helping you and your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The virtual reception is a great option to consider when you want to install a virtual seat in a physical location, but you do not need an on-site receptionist or you do not need to do it. you do not need to answer personalized calls. On-demand services to handle sudden increases in call volumes. Best of all, calls are never sent to voicemail, ensuring the long-term survival of your business.

Let's take a look at what a virtual receptionist has to offer your business.

1. No appeal is left unanswered

Missed calls, sending messages to voicemail and calls outside opening hours do not respond to lost customers for the company. A dedicated or part – time virtual reception can help prevent these and other problems related to missed calls. Even if they just intervene when your desk reception needs a coffee break, leave or is too busy to handle each incoming call.

2. Eliminate service problems

Consider what happens when your receptionist gets sick or leaves in search of greener pastures. If you guessed that your service will suffer, you guessed right! A quality receptionist takes time to find and train to handle the unique calls coming into your business. A virtual receptionist is free to take all incoming calls, or occasionally, whenever you are outnumbered or no one is available to answer the phone.

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3. Increase branding and retention

This applies exclusively to entrepreneurs and small business teams. It is a reality that the more calls there are in a company, the better. On the other hand, one or a few people can only take as many calls before being overwhelmed. When a customer or a prospect calls and does not get an answer, chaos ensues from you and the endless ringing and / or mixing with voicemail only serves to alienate the customers. callers of your business.

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4. Improved Time Management for Everyone

Extending on the last point, it is obvious that a loner or a small team that spends every minute answering calls is constantly energized. Not only is it bad for health, but discontent will eventually interact with the callers. Having a virtual receptionist when stress levels become overwhelming, allows you and staff to breathe deeper, and spend more time satisfying each phone call. In addition to completing other essential tasks on your to-do list for you.

5. Increase of the professional image

I would argue that customers will consider you with much more respect when a receptionist answers every phone call to your business. Even when they call someone specific, the fact that a dedicated receptionist answers their call confirms that you take your business seriously, and are probably too busy making all your customers happy to answer every call. entering.

A virtual receptionist can make customers feel listened to and appreciated, while offering a guarantee that you will call them back as soon as possible if you are not available.

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6. Decrease in operating costs

A dedicated virtual receptionist is the ideal solution for a startup startup or a small business trying to skimp and save every dollar that it can. Consider the cost of a full – time receptionist internally: about $ 70,000 / year at the bottom of the scale after all the costs have been added up. Then you also need a desk to park your seat, which increases costs if you prefer to operate your business in a virtual environment. A virtual receptionist is much cheaper to maintain, with the added benefit that they can work part time or full time, or even on demand, as needed.

7. They can do more than answer phones

Virtual receptionists can also make outgoing calls to follow up with customers, launch additional products, make appointments with customers, and confirm appointments. The flexibility that a virtual receptionist can offer to the business is invaluable for saving your business time, while maintaining an insurmountable level of professionalism to help clients to the best of their ability. Compare this with a traditional answering service that only answers calls, takes messages and / or transfers incoming calls to you.

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8. Interindustrial and Demographic Skills and Skills

The problem with hiring talent in a non-virtual environment is that you will often find yourself limited by the talent available in your immediate area. This can create a big disconnect between receiving and the types of customers who call you, if the receptionist is not familiar with the industry or the people who is calling.

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Consider an opportunity for expansion in a different country and the linguistic and cultural differences that can hinder operations. A virtual receptionist works on every corner of the globe and can help ease the transition your business needs to make.

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Hiring a virtual receptionist will change the game for the majority of you who are reading this today. There is no way around that they offer unlimited flexibility in the way and when they answer your calls, a virtual receptionist can be employed in any business, in any business. Any industry, and any time zone.

Given cost savings, improved time management, and the best overall service that a virtual employee can deliver, are you ready to take the plunge?


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