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9 exercises you can do at work

If you work in an office, you know the pain of having to sit almost all day. In fact, 86% of Americans have a job that keeps them tied to an office for more than 7 hours a day. Sitting too often for too long has been associated with a host of health problems, including cancer, poor cardiovascular health and even premature death.

Getting around throughout the day is important for your overall mental and physical health. Getting up and moving for 15 minutes every hour can improve your focus and productivity.

The good news is that there are a lot of exercises that you can incorporate into your day to boost your calorie burn. Here are 12 exercises to add to your office hours.

1. Take the stairs

One of the easiest ways to get around more throughout the day is to take the stairs. Increase your workout by taking two steps at a time to feel a beautiful burn in your legs. Taking the stairs also allows you to get out of those awkward elevator conversations! If you work in a single storey building, take the long way to meetings or for lunch. The more you can enter the steps, the better.

2. Skip the Squats

If you are looking to make your legs and buttocks, take a look at the jump squat. It's the perfect exercise to celebrate those moments "yay!" Stand with your feet hip-width apart, then jump and land gently on your toes. You can even mix things with split squat jumps. Do it for 30 seconds apart throughout the day.

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3. Stretch

Sitting for hours, your neck, back and legs can become stiff. To release tension and stress throughout your body, be sure to stretch yourself. One of the best stretches is to weave your fingers and then reach upwards. It stretches your back, arms and shoulders. Other sections to consider include:

  • Shrugs

  • shoulder shoulders

  • Chest measurement

Stretching is also ideal for days when stress is important when you need to relieve some tension. Stay flexible with these exercises.

4. The calf gets up

Do you have plans to print a huge document? Want to make the most of the time you spend standing up? Rather than staying in the street, take some shoes! Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and push on your tips. Take a break up and then go down slowly. Repeat until you feel a burn, then pause for a few seconds.

5. The wall is located

This is the ideal exercise if you want to feel a burn in your legs and buttocks. Hold your back firmly against a wall and slowly slide your back until your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Hold for at least 30 seconds, then get up slowly. To make this even more difficult, put your ankle on your knee, hold the position, then change your position


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6. Stand

Today, many employers have adopted ergonomic offices. If you have a sit / stand desk, be sure to alternate between the two. Standing is much better than sitting down. Outside of your office, try to keep as much as possible, such as at a meeting or talking to your boss.

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7. Leg increases

This exercise can be performed during these long periods of spreadsheet editing or reading e-mails. When sitting, lift one or both of your legs parallel to the floor. Hold for 10 seconds, then alternate. You can even add a crunch in the mix, which can help you lose belly fat.

8. Office Dance

Are you listening to music to do their job? If so, you know those moments when Pandora just plays the right song that makes you want to move and groove. If you have a private office or workspace, feel free to move around your seat. Better yet, put yourself on these feet and make jam for a few minutes!

9. Jog on the spot

Obviously, you might want to skip this exercise if you're in a crowded office, but jogging on site is great for small spaces. If you are alone for a few minutes, get out of your seat and jog on the spot. To really move your heart, try your knees! Jogging up, even if for a minute or two, your heart is in full swing and your blood pumping. Rinse and repeat throughout the day to avoid the mid-morning and afternoon dips.


Do not let your office work be the disappearance of your health. Make sure you try these exercises to stay active throughout your workday. And who knows, maybe you'll lose a few pounds in the process!

Would you like to try one of these exercises? How do you stay active at work? Share your tips with us in the comments below!