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94% of customers will choose a restaurant according to online journals

What happens in the decision-making process when a customer is looking for a restaurant? According to the new survey "Influences on TripAdvisor decisions," 94% of US customers are influenced by online reviews.

The figures are also quite high in other countries, with French, Spanish and Italian diners at 90, 91 and 93% respectively. Diners in the UK have been influenced the least at 87% but still have something to take into account if you are a restaurateur.

The importance of online reviews can no longer be overlooked because they have a lot of weight when customers are looking to eat out, especially when they are looking for a new place. Another survey conducted in 2017 revealed this fact, as 97% of those surveyed said they read magazines for local businesses.

Customers even decide how much to spend on your business based on online reviews. In the case of the survey, 31% say that they would probably spend more money on companies with positive reviews. Meanwhile, 22% say that they would not buy a product or service from a company after reading a single negative comment. If the number of bad reviews is greater than four, this can take up to 70% of your potential customers.

TripAdvisor's "Influences on Diner Decision Making" survey was conducted between January and February 2018, with responses from 1,005 restaurant owners in 6 markets. A total of 9,500 international guests participated in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

How diners choose restaurants

In addition to being influenced by critics, the photos also had a noticeable impact on customers. In the United States, this was the case for 60% of respondents, compared to 72% in Spain, 67% in Italy, 64% in France and 52% in the United Kingdom.

Diners also reported that they are researching places they plan to eat more carefully than ever – whether they are at home or while traveling. The amount of search increases even more when customers are traveling, even if it is very high even when they are at home.

The survey also indicates that TripAdvisor leads other critical sites, including Yelp, Google and Facebook, which are the most popular place in the United States and other countries for find reviews of restaurants.

Besides the reviews, the other factors that guests may consider when choosing a restaurant are the mobile presence of the restaurant (or lack thereof), the availability of online delivery and the possibility of 39, accept reservations. Customers want to use their mobile devices to search for a restaurant, making the sites and apps mobile-friendly.

They also want to make reservations when they are on their mobile device, while still being able to order their food. If you do not give guests the flexibility to find the perfect table or meal, they will go elsewhere.

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Lesson in the investigation

Finally, TripAdvisor emphasizes that online reputation management is an important part of running a restaurant today. Owners need to manage their reputation, interact with customers, and interact with potential customers on their website, mobile app, and social networks.

Failing to do this, fewer customers will go through your doors.

Image: TripAdvisor