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A GoPro stock jumps on a news company looking for a sale

GoPro is looking to sell the company and CNBC reports that she hired JP Morgan to find a buyer. At the time of writing, GoPro's market capitalization has grown to about $ 1 billion and its stock price has surged as the company seeks to sell.

The course of action of GoPro is gone today. Just before the market opened, GoPro announced that its business figure would not meet expectations and a staff reduction of 20%. GoPro's share trading has been halted in pre-market sales. Once the market opened, the stock price fell by almost 33%, although it recovered slightly in the hours that followed.

With this news, the price of the stock has rebounded slightly, even though it still trades well under the previous day's close.

It's unclear who will want to catch the camera maker. The company undeniably makes the best action camera on the market and has a significant brand, but has not been able to do anything on both of them so far. But if the stock price continues to fall, whoever ends up buying it will probably do it for less than a billion dollars.