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A new commercial simulation platform comes with a gamification concept

Bet on assets without owning it, in fact, seems to be a well-known model, this idea is used by Brokers like Forex and be successfully implemented in the cryptography market. Although, the betting process can even become more fun if you add a contest element. And that's exactly what a new blockchain project, FundFantasy, is offering on its platform, which allows investors to become players and compete with other players by making the best investment portfolio and winning a prize money

for-profit game

According to the white paper, FundFantasy beta is currently testing its own Financial Fantasy contest platform, which "simulates investments in Financial assets in a fun, secure and responsible environment, free According to company data, more than 75% of test users have expressed interest in playing again, according to the team. project roadmap, the official launch of the main version of the platform is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018.

FundFantasy's hybrid platform of "online gaming" is inspired by the principle fantastic sports. sports segment that is becoming more and more popular nowadays. For example, there are about 60 million people in the United States and Canada, who play a form of fantasy sports online, according to the recent Fantasy Sports Trade Association report. In a nutshell, players bet on their own virtual teams, receive points while playing and compete for a virtual or real money prize.

The similar principle of online competition is used on the FundFantasy platform, which offers a simplified version of trading based on the Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts. The platform will allow users to open and organize their own contests, invite their friends and even earn a percentage of the tax that is levied on the prize pool contests.

The Best Portfolio to Win

According to FundFantasy, the platform acts as a complete solution where users can safely bet on a range of assets without risking losing a fortune, while keeping the possibility of making significant gains. Users can create and submit a portfolio from four asset classes: cryptocurrencies, currencies, commodities and stocks, but a portfolio can have its own specifications.

The FundFantasy team states that the investment simulator is based on real market data. pays crypto prices. "Our platform offers users the opportunity to win significant prices while maintaining fixed expenses, regardless of market volatility or black swan events, with the required" capital "being zero as well as zero. The white paper

The crowdfund FundFantasy will be completed on February 25. Buyers of chips called FUNDZ during the sale will receive a bonus on their purchase of chips, with 25% for the first eight hours, 15 percent for the next 24 hours, and 10 percent for the remainder of the first week.

The FundFantasy team also opted to drop all unsold chips to investors after the ICO for protect investors in case of low sales or fluctuation ETH / Dollar, the team claims.

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