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A new ICO scandal: Alex Tapscott Namedrop Blunder sees his startup bonus repay all ICO cash

While Tezos faces a public lawsuit from his Investors, Alex Tapscott's NextBlock Global has chosen to repay investors.

In yet another hurdle on the way to the legitimacy of the OICs, the start-up announced Sunday that it had made the decision after Forbes had broken a scandal about it by inventing & & 399; # 39;

Our efforts to make our society public and we will work hard to rebuild the trust of those we have disappointed, "a press release reads.

NextBlock had declared the CEO of Civic Vinny Lingham and federal prosecutor Kathryn Haun – now on Coinbase Executive Council – was advising the project.This was not true, but Tapscott responded to Lingham by denying the claims while Lingham himself "was looking at the bridge with his face and bio "on NextBlock's Web site

Turning around by Tapscott, which is a well known name in Blockchain, adds to suspicions that even ICO schemes of legitimate parties" proven "theoretically are not all they seem.

Tim Draper, a major player in Tezos, continued to defend the project Reactions to Cointelegraph's latest report on an accompanying lawsuit suggest that Only a small portion of investors are dissatisfied with the delay in Tezzies' trade. , which originally sold on a one – month sale in July.

NextBlock made no mention of the allegations against him in the press release during that time, simply stating that his "primary responsibility is to … exist g investors."

"We strive to always act in the best interest of our investors and we are contacting each and every one of them to discuss next steps, including the return of their initial investment. profits, "he confirmed.

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