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A Russian national arrested for cybercrime in Bangkok allegedly had $ 8.2 million in BTC

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Police arrested a Russian citizen who would be number two in an international organization. cybercrime, reported the Bangkok Post.

Sergei Sergeevich Medvedev was arrested in Bangkok last Friday, February 2, by the Thai Crime Suppression Division (CSD) at the request of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. A laptop and documents were taken into evidence by the CSD

A source told the Bangkok post that the evidence showed that Medvedev had more than 100,000 Bitcoin (BTC) at the time of his arrest, about $ 8.2 million.

Medvedev was reportedly a director of the Dark Infraud website – whose slogan was "In Fraud We Trust" – which dealt mainly with the sale of stolen credit cards and identities and illegally obtained government documents.

On February 7, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) released an indictment of 36 people, not to mention Medvedev, accused of having participated in Infraud. The Justice Department arrested 13 criminals from 17 countries for defrauding more than $ 530 million in casualties and more than $ 2.2 billion in casualties.

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